Find Your Place Within God’s Global Mission

Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) has been serving globally for 24 years, bringing church planter training to every corner of the earth. Our God-given vision is to help plant five million churches worldwide. We have seen God do some amazing things along the way, and we believe God will give us everything we need to fulfill His vision. We invite you to join the adventure!

Our philosophy for recruitment of missionaries is: We believe that God has called each and every missionary for a unique role in His Kingdom for this unique time. For that reason, we almost always customize jobs to match the unique skills, gifts, passions, and calling of the individual with the existing needs DCPI has. So, if you see a position below (or two or three) that stand out to you, send us an email at We would love to meet with you and design a job custom fit for who God made you to be!

What’s it like to work inside the Dynamic Church Planting Headquarters?

Our Mission:
Equipping leaders to plant five million dynamic churches to reach the world for Christ.