Make a Difference with
Your God-Given Gifts

When you use your gifts and expertise at Dynamic Church Planting International, it has ripple effects throughout the world. God wants to use your knowledge for kingdom impact in really cool ways, in really far-away places! We invite you to experience the thrill of seeing what God can do when you surrender your abilities and watch Him multiply the impact.

Serve Full-Time

Maybe you’re ready to serve full-time, and you don’t need to raise support. Let’s get you started doing something meaningful and significant with your days! Our team is ready to welcome you in and use your experience to tackle some of our new, exciting projects! We have church-planting initiatives all over the world, and you can help us make them even more effective!

Jump in for a Few Hours a Week

Serve right from your home or join us in our Oceanside, California offices. We believe that God’s call to serve the world should be a part of your everyday life, so we are flexible with how God calls you to serve and how much time you can contribute! If you only have a little time each week, but you’d like to use your gifts for God’s kingdom, we can totally work with that!

Help on a Project-by-Project Basis

We have events and projects throughout the year that we would love to have you jump in on! From event planning to videography to traveling with us to office administrative projects to assessing our systems, we have a lot of ways you can help for short periods of time, and jump in whenever you’re available! We look forward to plugging you in with a fun and meaningful project!

There’s a Place for You at DCPI!

High-capacity volunteers are central to what we do at DCPI. Whatever your gifts, we’d love to connect you with serving opportunities! Whatever your unique skill set, there is a place for you to contribute to God’s kingdom worldwide by serving alongside our staff here at DCPI!

Where can you
serve at DCPI?


Our DCPI events are so much fun! Join our team of volunteers who plan and coordinate events throughout the year! We’d love help with connecting with partnerships, inviting philanthropists, and choosing all the details to make the events great! If you are a photographer, worship leader, audio/visual tech person, we’d love your help making our events great!

Graphic & Web Design

Our website is our hub for communicating with people around the world! We also develop a lot of communication pieces, reports, banquet/events, powerpoint presentations, and fundraising materials. If you know graphics or web design, we invite you to jump in with us for a project or two!

Special Projects & Administration

We have a lot of travel coordinating, financial and other data entry, communicating with donors, and other special projects that our team of administrative volunteers helps us tackle! If you are administrative, we would love to have you help our team!


Do you like to travel? We are constantly working to keep our organization personal by capturing the stories of the people impacted by our trainings and the churches planted as a result of them! Capturing these amazing stories in video, written story, and photo would be fantastic! Plus, you get to travel and meet some truly amazing people!


Our offices communicate globally, and having the right IT setups is really important for us. If you have a heart for IT, we would love your help! We’re always grateful for a system that’s set up right!

Communications & Editing

We are constantly producing print and digital resources, communication pieces, and curriculum. Our team would love your eyes to take a look at our written pieces and help us choose the best possible word choices!

Physical & Mental Health

Being a missionary can be exhausting! If you have mental health expertise or physical health expertise and would love to provide support to our missionaries, we welcome you! Our team would be blessed by chiropractic, personal training, counseling services, or other physical or mental health support!


If you are a lawyer or have experience in Human Resources, international affairs, tax law, or other, we would love to have your advice!


Are you experienced with personal finances? Our team of missionaries would love to learn from you about managing personal finances most effectively for a financially-healthy retirement!


Our Oceanside-based headquarters is where our team spends a lot of its time. We have a vision for building out a new portion of our offices, having fresh paint, and creating a welcoming environment through interior design. If you have experience in building, painting, or design, you would be a huge blessing to our team!


If you have janitorial experience, we would love your support! Our offices in Oceanside, California are busy, and we would love help with keeping them nice for our staff, volunteers, donors, and partners!

Will you volunteer with us?

The gifts and talents God gave you are meant to be used as a part of His Kingdom. When you serve with us at DCPI, you’ll experience the joy of participating in the Great Commission and seeing His Kingdom Come on earth.

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“We are all about including as many people as possible in the work God is doing around the world. God wants to utilize your gifts globally, and I’d love to help you find where that is at DCPI.”

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