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Let us help you train your leaders with world-famous church planting curriculum that’s perfectly scaleable, culturally neutral, and powerfully life-changing. Your network is about to grow, fast.


With God’s blessing and DCPI training, your leaders will plant, on average 2.55 churches each! Our history shows it! 

Are you ready to lead your network into a season of exponential growth?


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Why Use DCPI Training?

Time and time again, we have people from all parts of the world tell us that DCPI is the key they have been missing. DCPI curriculum bridges the gap for leaders who know and love God but don’t know how to start a church well. Our training is practical, specific, and helpful. DCPI training is written so that it can be used in any culture because it teaches individuals who are called by God the biblical principles of church planting along with all the things we wished we had known before each of us started planting churches. We teach your leaders to make a plan in response to God’s leading, so God builds the unique church He has for that community and that culture.

how dcpi can help you plant more churches in your denomination

What You’ll Love

Get access to our comprehensive, scaleable, and instantly implementable system designed to grow your church plant or church planting movement from where you are now, all the way to your God-sized vision. 

We have training tracks to equip your leaders for wherever they are at in the church planting process. All of our trainings are free, and we have the structures and content in place to expand the training quickly, in many different languages. We’ll walk you through the whole process step-by-step.

You pick anyone and everyone you want to train, and we will help you get them ready for their most anointed, fruitful ministry. We will help you certify your top leaders, so that they can train others. Whomever you have in mind to equip, no matter where they are located in the world, DCPI’s free trainings can help them. 

Reap all the benefits from our Biblical, practical training with a customized plan to implement it in your context. We will help map out a training plan – a scope and sequence for your church planters – to grow your movement in the areas your leaders need to be trained. We’ll even train your trainers, so you can train church planters yourself and multiply faster. Plus, we’re constantly adding new languages for world-wide growth.

In each of our trainings, your leaders will have a chance to seek God for a vision for their church. Very often, God speaks to people in our trainings and expands or redirects their visions, so that their churches become exactly what God wants. It is beautiful to watch church planters be surprised by God. This will overflow into your entire organization/denomination, as they grow in passion and love for God.

Each DCPI-trained leader plants, on average, 2.55 churches. These people become multipliers of churches, not just single-church planters. This means your network or denomination will grow exponentially, as you invest in equipping these leaders with DCPI materials.

Countless networks like yours have blossomed with DCPI materials.

“We found in DCPI, training that is simple, practical and reproducible to help us certify 6 trainers to  train over 60 church planters in just over 2 years. We are so grateful for this resource and to be a part of this larger vision to plant 5,000,000 churches.”

Erick Ewaskowitz
Director of Coaching and Training for Mission Igniter, an incubator program for Free Methodist

“DCPI has captured the absolute urgency of planting churches and has a powerful, proven strategy. They focus on the mobilization of nationals, by far the best of all methods. I’ve seen the results and heartily endorse the work of DCPI.”

Paul Eshelman
Founder of the Jesus Film Project and lifetime DCPI Board Member

“Since we started using Dynamic Church Planting International’s System in 2010, we have doubled the number of churches planted in North America each year compared to the prior 50 years.”

dynamic church planting church of nazarene
Mark Bane
Director, Evangelism and New Church Development USA/Canada Region, Church of the Nazarene

Together we can do this.

If God has called you to plant more churches, you’ve found your tribe. Just like you, we are on a mission to bring more churches to this world.

From the pastors of the newest house church to established megachurches, DCPI-trained leaders are confident, strategic, prayerful, and spirit-led. We’d love to help you equip your leaders.

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DCPI Master Trainer James Kalikwembe works closely with Samaritan’s Purse in Malawi. He recently conducted 10 training events with fellow DCPI certified trainers that reached out to 275 leaders from 61 local churches. The leaders greatly appreciated the program and wished they had had this training at the start of their church planting journey. They were grateful that DCPI and Samaritan’s Purse brought the training to remote areas where most people had never been trained before.

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United States

DCPI Master Trainer Jon Neitzell is a church planter from the St. Croix River Valley in Minnesota, United States. Jon and his team have a vision to plant 24 churches in that river valley by the year 2027 with an even bigger vision in the decade to follow. To equip leaders, Jon’s team began a Ministry Training School, where they take all of their leaders through DCPI training. He said, “We had been planting churches, but we had never done anything this systematically before. It has changed everything for us.”

Tony Reyes is a DCPI Master Trainer in the Philippines with a God-sized vision. In 2016 he founded the 222 Church Multiplication Network and has built a church planter training center in the province of Batangas. Twice a year they offer a three-month live-in training for 12 church planters which includes seven tracks of DCPI training! This means the training center produces not just church planters, but church planter trainers.

Get in touch with our Partnership Ambassador

Jim Duggan

We love equipping networks, denominations, associations, and organizations with proven training curriculum. Typically our partnerships start with scheduling a first training. This works like pollination. We help you with your initial trainings. Then, we certify your leaders as “Certified Trainers”, so they can start scheduling and hosting more trainings. It grows naturally and exponentially from there. We can’t wait to partner with you!

Jim Duggan

Partnership Ambassador