DCPI World Zones Bring Leadership for Church Planting Training to Your Region of the World.

World Zone Leaders are high-caliber church planting leaders who have taken responsibility to bring DCPI church planting training to leaders and networks in their regions of the world.

These leaders will help you to find a training near you or to bring church planter training to your network of churches.

Find church planting training around the world…

North America

Caribbean, Canada, United States

Latin America

Mexico, Panama, Columbia


Italy, England, Romania

Africa – West

Burkina Faso, Senegal, Ghana

Africa – East and South

Mazambique, South Africa, Kenya

NAMES – North Africa, Middle East, and Stans

Pakistan, Morocco, Jordan

Asia – China

Hong Kong, China, Mongolia

Asia – North Pacific

South Korea, North Korea, Japan

Asia – South East

Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia

Asia – South Pacific

Indonesia, Philippines, Vanuatu

Asia – Indian Ocean

India, Bangladesh, Bhutan

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Paul Becker

On every continent, there are precious people desperate for God’s love and salvation! The most powerful way to reach these people is by equipping local leaders to plant dynamic churches to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and transform theirs communities.