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Church planters across North America are being equipped with DCPI training to plant dynamic new churches.

You can bring DCPI church planter training to your network of churches. Or if you are a church planter, find a training near you and get started in your God-given church planting adventure.

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See DCPI Church Planting Training in every country in North America by 2020.

Countries with training have national DCPI Certified Trainers. Countries without training do not have DCPI trainers in their country yet.

Countries with Training

Antigua & Barbuda
British Virgin Islands
Netherlands Antilles
Saint Lucia
St Kitts and Nevis
St Vincent & the Grenadines
Trinidad & Tobago
US Virgin Islands
United States

Countries without Training

Cayman Islands

Hear what Leaders at a recent Church Planter Training in the United States had to say…

“The training imparts not only “know-how” but also passion and vision. The atmosphere creates a fertile seed bed for God to speak.”

LH, Iowa

“Great group that was very enthusiastic and passionate about church planting!  I see the potential for 8-12 new churches coming out of this training!”

Pastor B

“It would have been great having this information when we started our church. Could have recognized and avoided land mines.”

JN, Wisconsin

“We trained 6 college students as part of one of their core Christian Ministries classes. They LOVED the course and were challenged to prayerfully consider church planting as part of their future plans. Their VPT was amazing!”

Pastor G

Stories of Life Change through Church Planting

The Joy of God in the Hearts of a Haitian Home

Witnessing at a church plant in the community of Kilometer 1, we walked up to a house that had three doors and outside was standing three Haitian families who lived in one house together.

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