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Powerful Prayer

Powerful Prayer As a church planter, you may feel like you need many things. You probably want a great meeting place, people to help you set up chairs in that great meeting place, lots of people to sit in all the chairs that you set up, and of course you want just a little more (or a lot more) money.  But what you need most of all, is prayer! At DCPI, one of our twelve Biblical principles of dynamic church planting is The Power Principle which says, “Prayer is the indispensable source of God’s power and wisdom in each phase of church

Pray & Walk this January!

Walk & Pray with Us This January!   Come together with us and walk 5K (3.1 miles) as we pray for 5 Million Churches JOIN US AS WE WALK AND PRAY All over the world, DCPI staff, trainers, church planters, and advocates will be walking a 5K (3.1 miles) during the month of January to pray and raise funds for the 5 Million Church Vision. We expect to complete the 1 million church vision during 2021, so we are turning our focus to the 5 Million Church Vision with excitement and prayer! DETAILS When: Walk any time within the month of January Location: You decide... Walk your 5K at a scenic place of your choosing Cost: $30

Out of Great Damage [Video Story] On April 9th this year, the La Soufrière volcano started erupting on the main island of Saint Vincent in the Eastern Caribbean. The eruption dropped up to 6” inches of ash on rooftops, causing them to collapse. It burned banana groves that provided food for the local population, and it contaminated the water supply.  When 20,000 local people had to relocate to local schools and churches outside of the “red zone”, DCPI Certified Trainers Ansell and Mary Watts saw an opportunity. The Watts are evangelists who have been doing hurricane disaster relief throughout the Caribbean islands. In the aftermath of the St.

“Light Up” Your City

"Light Up" Your City How is your church making a difference in your community? Are people being drawn to Jesus because of the presence of your church in their lives? At DCPI, the Magnet Principle challenges us with the truth that when God plants a church, there should be widespread community awareness.  In Matthew 5:14-16, Jesus describes his followers as the light of the world. He speaks about a city on a hill that cannot be hidden. He shares how people put a lamp on a stand so that it light to everyone in the house. The church is meant to “light

Church in Haiti Steps In! [Video Story] Greetings in the name of our Beloved Lord Jesus God is doing powerful things in Haiti! A couple of weeks ago, I emailed you a story about a church called Berea Missionary Baptist Church. They installed a cistern - kind of like a well - at their school, to attract the community to their campus and to Jesus! Today, I want to share how God used this church when a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti this August. Over the past two years, God has been changing this community through the Berea team. Pastor Hazer and his wife Dianna have seen 167 people

A Bridgeway to Christ

A Bridgeway to Christ Where has God called you church plant? As a church planter, you need to do more than just share scripture, you need to clearly understand the culture in which you are planting and be able to communicate the truth of scripture in a way that people can relate to and understand. At DCPI, one of our twelve Biblical principles, The Bridge Principle states that, “Understanding (and communicating sensitively to) the hearts and minds of people in the target community is essential to reaching them effectively with the gospel.” You may find yourself living among Millennials in Seattle, Washington;

The True Living Water

A Magnetic Cistern - In Haiti DCPI Church Planters put the "Magnet Principle" into effect by using an underground water source as a means to bring their community together and share about Jesus, the Living Water! The day Pastor Hazer met a little beggar boy named Kervins, God called him to leave his large church, move to Petionville, Haiti, and start a school and church for the impoverished community. He wanted Kervins, his sisters, and many like them to be in school instead of begging on the streets. His vision was to plant a Christian church that would become a central part of their

Breaking Through Barriers! [Video Story] Greetings in the name of our Beloved Lord Jesus!  As a result of the pandemic, we have seen young leaders stepping up to lead the Church around the world. We call these young leaders “NexGen” at DCPI, and we actually have a NexGen Challenge training just for them. A couple of young leaders who went through our NexGen training saw God lead them into amazing ministry opportunities during the pandemic. Their names are Edwin and Rachel. Last week Paul sent out a part of their story through an email. They were leaders at their church in Camarines Norte, Philippines.  Before COVID, Edwin’s

Balance in Church Planting

The Balance of Church Planting Living a life in balance can be difficult...especially for church planters! These are 3 important lessons that I've learned along the way. With so much compelling and important work to be done, it is easy to work too hard and too long. At Dynamic Church Planting International, we encourage church planters to live “The Balance Principle” which states, “The church planter’s walk with God, family life, and ministry must be in biblical balance”. In Acts 20:28, Paul challenges the Ephesian elders to “Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers." Notice that Paul’s first challenge

Find God’s Vision for Your Life!

Answering the Boss's Call - In the Philippines God's calling on our lives is rarely convenient, but it is ALWAYS life-changing! Today hear how a couple made real change in their community by taking their eyes off their own vision to answer "the Boss's Call." At DCPI, we teach 12 Biblical Principles to all of our Church Planting Essentials trainees. One of these principles is “The Boss Principle” -- the idea that Jesus is the boss of His Church. THE BOSS PRINCIPLE: Christ is Lord of church planting, and He has a vision for your new church. Because Jesus is the Lord of church

Raising Up Young Leaders in Colombia [Video Story] Greetings in the name of our beloved Lord Jesus!  At DCPI, we love seeing God use the next generation to build His Church! Recently, we heard about a 19-year-old from Cartagena, Colombia named Jhon. Jhon’s parents ministered in a church in his village but found it difficult to reach young people. Many of the young adults in Jhon’s community were either trapped in drug addiction, being recruited by guerilla groups, or struggling with social issues connected with their poverty. Jhon wanted to help.  He signed up and took DCPI’s NexGen Challenge training and God ignited a passion in him to reach young

A Mentoring Culture in Tanzania [Video Story] Greetings in the name of our Beloved Lord Jesus. How do you take 25 leaders and help them plant 109 churches that reach over 13,000 people for Jesus in 2 years? This is how God did it! At Dynamic Church Planting International, we believe mentoring is crucial in the planting of dynamic churches. DCPI partnered with Campus Crusade’s Global Church Movements to launch a project in Tanzania called, “Developing a Mentoring Culture.” For this project, 25 Tanzanian leaders were selected to embark on an adventure of being equipped by our DCPI Training Tracks and being mentored by 5 experienced Tanzanian church planters

Village in Nepal comes to Christ! [Video Story] Greetings in the Name of our Beloved Jesus!  How did an entire village of Buddhists come to know Jesus? Pastor Sagar was born in a small, remote village in the mountains of Nepal called Kavre. The Tamang people living there were all Buddhists and had never heard about Jesus before. Pastor Sagar grew up, moved away, and became a Christ follower, but he had no desire to plant churches.  Eventually, he attended our Church Planting Essentials training, and God completely redirected his life. At our training, God called Pastor Sagar back to Kavre to tell his people about Jesus.  The village had

The Power to Break Lies – In North America Greeting in the Name of our Beloved Jesus!  Jesus has power to break lies that people have believed for generations!  Movement Church launched early last year in Tipp City, Ohio, USA, meeting in living rooms and around fire pits throughout their community. When COVID began, they kept meeting in parks and on patios, and they added Zoom meetings to include more people. This unique beginning expanded their reach to places where they could not have gone otherwise. One woman in their community named Tiffany consistently invited her friend Brittany. Brittany had no desire to be a part of the church. Her parents

Prayerful Planning

At DCPI, we live by principles from scripture that steer and shape our ministries. One of these principles is The Nehemiah Principle which states, “God’s vision must lead to prayerful planning, the result of which should be a comprehensive Task List set out upon a Time Line.” Upon learning that Jerusalem was in danger and her walls had been destroyed, Nehemiah prayed and asked God what to say to the king. In his prayer time with the Lord, Nehemiah also began to make plans. As a result of his prayerful planning, Nehemiah spoke to the king and the king chose to help Nehemiah by allowing him to


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