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Our leaders at Dynamic Church Planting International are passionate about mentoring you through your church planting journey. Here are books created to help you to take steps of faith, seek God’s will for your life and church, and plant dynamic churches. 

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how to experience an effective personal prayer retreat

How to Experience an Effective Personal Prayer Retreat

By: Dr. Paul Becker

Discover the proven method Dr. Paul Becker uses to hear from the Lord during a three-day, two-night prayer retreat. In this editable pdf, you’ll walk through your prayer retreat, seeking God’s direction and growing in intimacy with our Lord, so that you return renewed in spirit and refocused on His will for the next season of your life. This book will help you plan out and walk through every minute of your time away, so you can hear clearly from God.

ebook seeing your vision come true paul becker

Seeing Your Vision Come True

By: Dr. Paul Becker

Christian leaders don’t need to make up visions for their organizations because, after all, God is the boss. We get to receive a vision from the Lord. But how do you receive a vision from the Lord? In this book, Dr. Paul Becker tells the story of receiving a vision to start DCPI, receiving the vision for 1,000 churches, and receiving a vision for 1,000,000 churches. In the back, this book includes workbook pages to help you write a Vision, Plan, and Timeline for your organization.

The New Dynamic Church Planting Handbook

By: Dr. Paul Becker

Church planting can be confusing… if you don’t have someone who can teach you how to do it. In this timeless book, Dr. Paul Becker outlines the 12 Biblical Principles of Church Planting, how to organize your team, how to plan for your launch, and how to navigate each of the decisions in your church planting journey. This book contains information that overlaps with our trainings, so if you know someone in a restricted area, we encourage you to share this book with them!

get the free ebook of walk on the wild side with God

Walk on the Wild Side with God

By: Paul Becker & Amy Bayer

Hear the story of the wild adventures Dr. Paul Becker took in his twenties and how God used those adventures to bring Paul to the Lord. You’ll hear about how he almost drowned in an underwater cave and nine other adventures that brought him face-to-face with his fears and the God who loves him. This exciting story will entertain you, and it will awaken your sense of adventure to follow God wherever He leads! At the end of each chapter, you’ll answer reflection questions to help you identify what bold steps God is leading you to take next.

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