Get certified to train others to plant churches.

We’re so happy that you want to train others! It’s natural to want to share everything you’ve learned from DCPI because of how absolutely life-changing these principles are. Certified Trainers (CTs) are at the core of how we multiply church planters worldwide. All of our Certified Trainers are men and women who have gone through our training, planted a church, and are ready to help others get trained to plant churches. 

If you are ready to train others the same way you’ve been trained, you’ve come to the right place!


Why become a Certified Trainer with DCPI?

Multiplied Impact

Certified Trainers multiply God's work by training others to plant churches.

Access to Materials

Certified Trainers are the only people who have a password to access Trainer Curriculum Notes, Course Powerpoints, and Student Handbooks.

Authority to Train

Certified Trainers have a standard of excellence. No one can train others (outside your own church) without being certified.


Certified Trainers participate in a rich community of other Certified Trainers who support each other from around the world.


We support and expect you to report your trainings, so we can celebrate with you!

Train Multiple Tracks

Certified Trainers can train others in the training tracks they have taken.

Who can get certified?

Certified Trainers (CTs) must:

  • Complete one prior training course with DCPI 
  • Be a church planter or have been part of a church plant team
  • Be able to publicly train materials 
  • Have someone you plan to train or a network in which to assist
  • Understand that Certified Trainers do not get paid for their work with DCPI and that this role is about participating in God’s global church planting movement

Look at what’s involved in the Certified Trainer course:

After completing at least one track of DCPI training and participating in a church plant, you may sign up to attend a Certified Trainer course. The CT course requires around 5-6 hours of instruction in how to train and how to set up a training event. These trainings are regularly available via webinar. Please be sure to attend all sessions. There aren’t make-ups in CT trainings.

Next, a DCPI Master Trainer (MT) will interview you to get to know you. You will have an opportunity to demonstrate your training ability by training a part of 12 Biblical principles. Then, you will make a presentation to a small group of DCPI leaders that answers what is your vision to train others. You will have to sign that you agree with DCPI’s theology, and then you will be ready to start scheduling your own trainings!

We can’t wait to help you reach further by becoming a Certified Trainer!

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