God birthed Dynamic Church Planting International in 1994 in a vision He gave to DCPI Founder, Paul Becker, during a prayer retreat. Since then, God has expanded the vision of DCPI to five million churches worldwide. 

How is God calling you to participate in the Five Million Church Vision?

The Story of the Five Million Church Vision

God has given DCPI a vision to train leaders to plant five million churches and to train leaders in every country of the world. Listen to DCPI Founder, Paul Becker, talk about how God gave us a vision for 5 million churches.

Dynamic Church Planting International 5 million church vision

On July 11, 2009, DCPI President & Founder, Paul Becker, was on a prayer retreat overlooking the Pacific Ocean, asking the Lord, “Lord, do you want leaders who have been trained by DCPI to plant more than one million churches?” and the Lord said, “Increase the vision to 5 million.”

And Paul said, “Really, Lord, do you really want us to increase the vision to 5 million?”

And the Lord said, “It’s already on the projection.”

Paul hid that vision in his heart and didn’t tell anyone, and in the next two weeks, three separate people on three different continents all shared a confirmation of the Five Million Church Vision…

Each of them said something like, “Paul, your vision is too small, and we think DCPI leaders are going to plant more like five million churches.”

So we are following God’s lead.

We can’t wait to see how God fulfills this vision to raise up leaders and plant churches for our children, grandchildren, and the billions of people around the world who need Jesus.




God gave DCPI Founder Paul Becker a vision for starting an organization to train leaders to plant dynamic churches. With just a few staff members and some great faith, God multiplied the ministry of DCPI rapidly.



At first, DCPI operated primarily in North America with a vision to train leaders to plant 1,000 churches. Soon thereafter, God expanded the vision to 20,000 churches, which seemed astounding at the time.



On a prayer retreat in 1997, Paul Becker was taking a walk and came to the biggest oak tree he had ever seen, growing on top of a rock. God said, “DCPI will plant a million churches. If DCPI remains rooted on Christ the rock, like this oak tree is rooted on the rock, then the branches of the DCPI mission will reach around the world.” This vision was fulfilled in December 2021!



During a Prayer and Planning Retreat twelve years later on July 11, 2009, Paul asked the Lord if He wanted DCPI to train leaders to plant more than 1 million churches, and God said, “5 million new churches are already on the projection.” Indeed, Paul returned to his hotel room to find that God was projecting DCPI to train leaders to plant 5 million dynamic new churches.

So far, we’ve SEEN…

Leaders Trained
Curriculum Translations
New Churches Planted (Projected)

Get Involved in the 5 Million Church Vision

Is God calling you to be a part of the Vision of Five Million Churches? Here are some ways you can get involved. Click an opportunity below to learn more!

Plant a Church or Churches

If you have a vision from God to plant a church or many churches, attend DCPI's Church Planting Essentials trainings.

Become a DCPI Certified Trainer

If you are a gifted teacher, and you want to train church planting leaders, we encourage you to use your gifts to multiply the number of churches in the world.

Pray for DCPI and the 5 Million Church Vision

God listens to our prayers, and we want to be continually bringing the needs of DCPI and the 5 Million Church Vision before the Lord. Join our amazing group of prayer warriors and sign up for prayer updates.

Become a Financial Supporter of DCPI

A dollar a day invested in DCPi yields a salvation every two days, a new church every three months, and the birth of church planting movements that transform communities year after year. Where else can you get so much, for so many, for so little?

Encourage Your Church to Support DCPI or a DCPI Missionary

Wouldn't it be great if the church you planted or your mother church got involved in supporting the Five Million Church Vision?

Become a DCPI Volunteer

Helping remotely, volunteering at DCPI's central office, or helping at a training event around the world are all ways men and women like you enjoy being apart of the vision.

Become a Missionary with DCPI

We need missionaries in every country in which we serve. We are looking for missionaries who will raise their own support from within their own country.

Translate DCPI Materials

If you know another language and would like to help translate DCPI training materials into that language, we would love to have you help us expand our training in your language! Please contact [email protected] to get started!

Get Involved However God is Leading

Has God given you a way to participate in the DCPI vision of 5 million churches? We would love to hear it! Contact [email protected] to share your idea.