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Is God calling you to plant a church?

Church planting is the process of starting a new church, anywhere in the world, in response to God’s call. 

If God is calling you to plant a church, the first thing to do is to learn how to plant a church from people who have planted churches before you. At DCPI, all of our trainers have planted at least one church, and we are ready to equip you with our time-tested trainings to become confident, passionate, and ready, as you follow God on your church planting journey. Best news? We ask our donors to pay for you to attend, so our trainings don’t cost you!

Get trained to plant a church starting today!

DCPI Academy

Jump in to your church planting training one module at a time. You’ll learn the 12 Biblical Principles to Church Planting, how to set goals, plans, and timelines to start your church off right, how to recruit your launch team, and so much more! It’s all available on our training platform at

Webinar Trainings

Complete your DCPI training all online, alongside other Christians from around the world. Our live webinar trainings are hosted in many languages and time zones, so you can find one that fits your schedule and become equipped to confidently fulfill your calling.

In-Person Trainings

Join a training in your part of the world, and spend three to five days interacting, learning, and planning alongside other church planters like you. Our trainings are inspiring, comprehensive, and equip you to know exactly what steps to take to plant your church.

Why DCPI Training?

When you get trained by DCPI leaders, you will…

  • know the steps to take as you organize for your church’s launch.
  • recruit the right people onto your team.
  • remove any stress about the process of starting a church.
  • know that the foundation of your church is structured in a healthy way.
  • recognize any landmines that might come and plan for them.
  • prayerfully plant a God-honoring, dynamic church in your community.

Leaders on every inhabited continent have been trained by DCPI to plant over one million churches! 

How can DCPI help you realize your God-given vision?

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What our trainees are saying…


Where should you start? We offer eight trainings designed to equip church planters around the world to fulfill their callings. We recommend starting with our foundational training, Church Planting Essentials.

In Church Planting Essentials, you’ll learn and apply the 12 Biblical Principles of Church Planting, as you develop your own Vision, Plan, and Timeline (VPT) and outline how your church will take shape. In this interactive and comprehensive training you will learn to plan prayerfully, discern and pursue your vision effectively, and avoid planting “landmines.”

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