Our Story

From one mentor to five million churches.

In 1992, our founder, Paul Becker, began using his background in church planting to mentor aspiring church planters. As he saw these leaders develop into confident, equipped church planters, he received a vision from the Lord to found an organization to train church planters. In 1994, Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) was founded. By 1995, God gave DCPI the audacious vision of training leaders to plant ONE THOUSAND churches. DCPI expanded over the years to multiple countries and multiple languages, with a vision of 20,000 churches then 1 million churches and reaching to every country of the world. In the early 2000s, DCPI expanded its model to make every training free of charge and to certify trainers, so that we could continue training pastors in places we would never go and in languages we will never speak. 

Then, in 2009, God knocked down an old oak tree that had been significant to our founder Paul Becker, and He used this to tell Paul that the One Million Church Vision was too small. God was calling DCPI to equip men and women of God to plant FIVE MILLION CHURCHES. In obedience, the DCPI team believed God, and we have been pursuing His vision enthusiastically to this day!


Our mission is to train leaders to plant dynamic churches. We equip those leaders with time-tested, Biblically-based training curriculum, so that they plant healthy churches that reproduce and plant more healthy churches. Our research shows that each leader trained plants an average of 2.55 churches, and each church leads an average of 40 people to Christ. 


Our vision is to train leaders to plant five million churches worldwide. As of January 2022, we have trained leaders to plant over one million churches! We are now focusing on the Five Million Church Vision with excitement and determination. God has also given us a vision to introduce our training to every country of the world. We have just 29 countries left, and we know God will do it. 


Our values are woven throughout our DNA. Check out our DNA below.

You’ll see that our two highest values are God’s Word and His people. We value the Bible and base all of our trainings on truth from God’s Word instead of situation-based models. We value diversity and work almost exclusively through national leaders reaching their regions for Jesus. Scroll to see our DNA.


Our DNA shows
our core values.

Quality over Quantity

We believe that multiplying qualified reproductive trainers and leaders is more essential than training a crowd.

Practical Application

We believe that a written and verbal project makes the training come to life, and must be done by every student, in every training even

Indigenous Leadership

We believe it is crucial to empower indigenous leaders.

Team Teaching

We believe in a team approach to provide high quality church planting training.

Give and it Will be Given

We believe in a “Give and it shall be given” approach to personal support and national funding.


We believe in working with all leaders who are Bible-teaching and Christ-centered.

Kingdom Focus

We believe in focusing on the growth of God’s Kingdom worldwide through church planting, evangelism and discipleship.


We believe that if you are not reporting, you are not a DCPI trainer or leader.


We believe in completing a God-given vision and expanding the church planting visions of others.

Leader of Leaders

We look for, work through, and develop apostolic style leaders, who can significantly influence entire regions and the whole world for Christ.


What is one word you would use to describe DCPI?

God is working powerfully through DCPI training all over the world. Watch DCPI World Zone Leaders share how they are seeing God work in their parts of the world.

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How it Works

One training and one leader at a time, DCPI leaders teach principles for church planting, growing new churches, planting house churches, etc. Our students learn how to write a Vision-Plan-Timeline (VPT), which helps them outline each step in the process toward planting their church. We walk them through each piece of the planning, so their churches are structured in a healthy way and prayerfully designed. Then, we prayerfully send them out to follow God’s call. Leaders we have trained often come back to us for more trainings and to get certified to train others! Our content is THAT helpful. 

Why Trainings Are Free

God spoke to our founder in 2004 and said, “Give and it will be given to you,” and we responded by faith. God wanted us to make all of our DCPI training free of charge, so they can help the maximum number of people throughout the world. But actually, training people is not free. It costs us resources to develop content, provide transportation for leaders, pay for facilities to be used around the world, and so much more. But, we provide our trainings for free through the generous gifts of our donors. Kingdom-minded individuals generously provide so we can do what we do. Would you like to help? You can! Give below.

How We Multiply

DCPI’s multiplication strategy is what has turned our mission into a movement. Our simple and intentional appointment of Certified Trainers, Master Trainers, and Senior Master Trainers extends the impact of DCPI to the far corners of the world. Basically, once a person has gone through one of our trainings, he or she is sent out to plant a church. Once that person has planted a church, they can get certified to teach our DCPI materials as a “Certified Trainer (CT)”. Certified Trainers can get certified to certify trainers as “Master Trainers (MTs)”, and so we grow.

Our Team

Paul Becker

Founder & President

Paul leads the Dynamic Church Planting International enterprise around the world. Paul casts the Five Million Church Vision: Equipping leaders to plant five million dynamic churches to reach the world for Christ! He has planted 4 churches, authored 5 books on church planting and mentored hundreds of leaders in church planting. He has served as President of DCPI from its inception in 1994. He and his wife, Cathy serve together in DCPI’s mission. One of their joys is to spend time with their children and 2 grandchildren. Paul loves the mountains, and he has stood on the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

scott kirk dynamic church planting international

Scott Kirk

Executive Director

Scott leads the DCPI Central team toward the fulfillment of our vision of equipping leaders to plant five million dynamic churches worldwide to reach the world for Christ. Managing the Central staff team leaders and the training team staff, Scott is helping to create a mentoring culture that will empower indigenous leaders to plant churches and launch church planting movements all over the world.