Get Away and
Hear from God.

How to Experience an Effective Personal Prayer Retreat was written to encourage you to get away with God and ask Him for specific guidance to direct your steps forward. At Dynamic Church Planting International, we are all about listening to the voice of God and doing what He says. That’s why we’re giving this book away for free. Grab your copy today. Then, share your story of how God used your prayer retreat to direct you at

What’s a Prayer Retreat?

Paul Becker invented the idea of a prayer retreat after his experiences doing “solo” weekends as an Outward Bound Instructor in the 80s. He realized that being alone for a few days can be powerful for self-awareness and personal growth, but nothing compares to getting away with the God who loves you and wants to speak, refine, and direct your life!

God Wants to Direct
Your Steps

Discerning the voice of God can sound confusing, but God actually wants to speak clearly to you about your life, decisions, family– you name it!

Three days and two nights alone with God will give you clarity and direction unlike you’ve ever known before. This book will help you:

  • Realize the importance of getting away with God
  • Plan a 3-day getaway with the Lord
  • Ask questions and get clear, loving answers
  • Experience intimacy with God
  • Trust him deeper and move forward confidently in your life!

Meet Paul Becker

Paul Becker is the President and Founder of Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI). He is a prayerful, focused, visionary leader called by God to equip and multiply indigenous visionary leaders to fulfill DCPI’s five million church vision. He has planted four churches, authored five books on church planting, and mentored hundreds of leaders in church planting. To date, DCPI has trained 324,989 leaders to plant 863,185 churches in 162 countries of the world. Paul and his wife, Cathy, serve together in DCPI’s mission. One of their joys is to spend time with their children and two grandchildren. Paul loves the mountains, and he has stood on the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.


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