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World Zone Leader for Europe
Bjorn Lutke

Bjorn serves as the World Zone Leader for Europe, where he networks and coordinates to provide effective church planting training for thousands of leaders throughout the region.

How did God call you to DCPI?

I had two phases.
Phase 1: Luc Favre from France, who is a very dear friend of mine, did not stop to invite me for a training. Once done I saw the potential for every network and movement to use DCPI trainings for exponential growth. In this time I decided that I wanted to be a MT as quick as possible.
Phase 2: I was in a prayer retreat beginning 2021, when the Lord spoke to me and He asked me to prepare myself to take more responsibility in DCPI Europe. At this point, this was not at all on my agenda. 4 days later Robert Tomaschek called me and asked if I could imagine to take more responsibility in DCPI Europe. So the answer was clear and I asked Robert to create a job which fits to my gifting. Ans so I became the Director of Training for Europe.

What is your personal Vision Statement or Life Scripture?

We plant churches and develop leaders in the nations.

What excites you about what God is doing around the world?

I’m probably the most excited about the diversity with which the Lord reaches out to people. He has an answer to every expression. That’s what I love with DCPI, it’s all about principles and not about models. I love to see people discover what God has prepared and to help them to make the best out of it.

What miracles have you seen God perform?

This is a big question…
The biggest miracles are certainly the great number of people who found Christ and follow him.
I have seen hundreds of healings in the body, several instant healings in the soul.
We have seen a lot of deliverance.
Not yet a resurrection of death. 
God uses me a lot in the prophetic. (If this counts as miracle)

Most influential books or movies:

Christian Books: In Christ Jesus-Colin Urquard; Exponentiel Dave & Jon Ferguson; Coaching books
Christian Movies: Passion of Christ showed me the price of suffering;  more recently « The Chosen » made it se real
Non Christian Books: divers biographies of leaders: Jürgen Klopp, Steve Jobs; Carlo Ancelotti 
Non-Christian Movies: Braveheart, the passion for freedom; general historical movies