Hispanic Training Coordinator, North America
Victor Pulido

Victor enjoys developing different ministries within the church: Teaching, Leadership Development, and Pastoral Ministries to name a few.

He enjoys connecting with ministry workers and creating relationships networking across the United States and Latin America, focusing on the Multiplication and Church Development to reach all communities through DCPI for Jesus.

How did God call you to DCPI?

“During the spring of 2013, I was invited by the North American Mission Board (NAMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention to participate in a partnership training by DCPI that focused on the unifying power of Evangelism and Discipleship.

I quickly realized that it was possible to teach the church on the multiplication; not only the leaders but entire churches regardless of demographics or geography.

As a mother naturally bears children, I believe there is a natural and intentional way for the church to multiply.

The training I attended was Churches Planting Churches, and God showed me that this is the best way for the ministry to do the will of God in fulfilling the Great Commission.”

What is your personal vision statement, or life scripture?

Life Scripture: Matthew 9:36 – “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.”

“The most effective means in which Jesus manifests Himself and does His work on earth is through the church. Therefore if our priority is to fulfill God’s will, church multiplication should be one of our top priorities.”

What excites you about what God is doing around the world?

“The more I participated in DCPI training, the more I realized that God is not only moving in the United States but around the world. I am excited to be part of a great work bringing about the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Another exciting element is the dynamic way DCPI is helping develop leadership and discipleship within the church and encouraging those who are called to Pastoral Ministry to obey their calling knowing that they have mentors and peers to help them in their entrusted work.

I am convinced that missions do not begin abroad but at home, in the city, in the state where we live in, the country where we minister by motivating the churches to plant churches that multiply themselves and others dynamically. Regardless of the common objections that some may have, DCPI is accomplishing this. I am convinced that the best time to plant a church is today because it is the nature of the heart of Jesus.”

What miracles have you seen God perform?

“The greatest miracle is Salvation through Jesus and the miracle we might consider after this is that God uses small people to do great things. The miracle is when in one’s heart, that same desire to love those for whom Jesus Died takes root, and like Jesus, show compassion for them. I believe this is how DCPI has converted hearts to follow Jesus.”

Most influential books or movies:

  • The Bible: Of course, the book that has influenced me the most is the book of books for obvious reasons in that those who read and search it, discover in it a true relationship with God and can be transformed through the power of Jesus Christ.
  • Don Quijote de la Mancha: The second book that has influenced me was Don Quixote de la Mancha. It is a wonderful story of a simple man who dreams of great opportunities despite the claims of others who say life has no purpose. In this book, we learn from a man who sees great possibilities even though the world sees him as a madman who only walks about the countryside in search for answers to books he has read on chivalry. The book Don Quixote de la Mancha is shocking as it portrays the main character’s madness, and my madness is for Jesus.
  • The Passion of the Christ: One impactful movie for me is The Passion of the Christ. In spite of it being very raw and difficult to watch because of the graphic portrayal of the horrific suffering Jesus had to endure for all of us, it accurately reflects an abundance of pain that impacts me even today.
  • Schindler’s List: It is very impactful how the compassion of a man puts his life at risk while saving the lives of a group of people who were doomed to an inevitable death. I highly recommend this film for those who have experienced it yet. It is an example to follow for sure, as DCPI does.