Scott Kirk

Scott serves as the President of DCPI, leading the DCPI team toward the fulfillment of our vision of equipping leaders to plant five million dynamic churches worldwide to reach the world for Christ.

Managing the headquarter coordinators and the training team staff, Scott is helping to create a mentoring culture that will empower indigenous leaders to plant churches and launch church planting movements all over the world.

Scott loves to communicate God’s great news, encourage leaders, and build teams who will live the exciting life of boldly following Jesus together.

How did God call you to DCPI?

“For ten years I had the privilege of serving the Lord as a church planter in Northern California. In this ministry I was able to watch God work through His church to bring healing and wholeness to lives and a community one person at a time.

Church planting is a lifelong passion of mine and for the past four years with DCPI, I have had the privilege of investing into the lives of leaders who are planting thousands of communities like this all over the world. It is a staggering and very humbling role.

I am continually amazed by the Lord!”

What is your personal vision statement, or life scripture?

Life Scripture: John 10:10 – “I find great joy in the fact that God loves me and wants me to experience “life at its best” with Him. God has placed within me a passion to invest in the lives of leaders who will develop an ever expanding network of church planting churches, communities, and friendships that help people experience the life-changing love of Jesus and discover His ultimate purpose for their lives.”

What excites you about what God is doing around the world?

“Knowing that the church is the hope of the world and the vehicle God uses, in all its many forms, to transform lives, I can’t help but get excited at DCPI’s audacious dream of ‘Equipping leaders to plant 5 million dynamic churches worldwide; in every neighborhood, every high rise, every village, every barrio, under every tree, and in every cave.’ How exciting!”

What miracles have you seen God perform?

“While I have been amazed to see the Holy Spirit perform incredible miracles that have brought wholeness to people both in their physical bodies and in deep emotional places too, His work that astounds me the most is seeing Him draw people into His presence, helping them discover the life-changing love of Jesus, and watching their lives (and the lives of their families) be changed for eternity.”

Most influential books or movies:

  • “Outside of the Bible … Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow” and Jim Collins “Good to Great” have challenged me to think strategically and creatively.”
  • “Henry Blackaby’s “Experiencing God” and William Young’s “The Shack” have challenged me to enjoy a deeper intimacy with the Lord.”
  • “Three movies that have especially captured my emotion and have motivated me to live life with a deeper passion are Chariots of Fire, The Mission, and Braveheart.”