Why We Renamed "New Church Dynamics"
New Church Dynamics DCPI NCD is now Healthy Church Dynamics HCD

Hello DCPI Leaders!

We will be changing the name of our training track, New Church Dynamics (NCD), to Healthy Church Dynamics (HCD)! We have been working quickly to get our materials renamed and ready for you to download. See below for details.

Background: One of the 4 Yearly Goals for DCPI we’ve been communicating is “Repositioning our products to church movements.” This was one of the major focuses we believed will set us on the path to training 1.5 million leaders who will plant 4 million churches in the next 10 years. As a part of that, Free Grafton communicated at the last World Zone Gathering in March of this year the concept of building our curriculum into a system of training, where each track fits a focus area to help movement leaders multiply church planting.

While we are still in the process of building the system (and we’ll be rolling those out as they are solidified), one change we knew we could release was the name change of ‘New Church Dynamics’. This was a topic you’d already brought up, as you’ve said these principles don’t just apply to new churches, but help existing ones as well. And, this name change ‘Healthy Church Dynamics’ also fits our systematic approach where we help movements create Thriving churches, not just plant new ones. This complete system, applied over time, should help our partners grow their movements.

When will this happen?

The name change from ‘New Church Dynamics (NCD)’ to ‘Healthy Church Dynamics (HCD)’ will officially take place on June 19th, 2023. 

By May 22nd, ALL course assets for ‘Healthy Church Dynamics’ in the resources section (downloads) of the website will be updated. This includes the name of the course as well as small content edits such as:  church plant, or ‘first few years’, we change for churches of all ages. It is possible some translations may take longer to convert. Translations for this course already in the works are already being changed now.

  • All references on the dcpi.org website will be changed to the new course name

  • All brand and marketing assets, available at our DCPI Media Cloud https://dcpi.org/media will be updated by May 22nd.

What do I need to do?

  1. Download all the latest course resources from our website for ‘Healthy Church Dynamics’ (password will remain the same) and replace the old with the new.

  2. Edit the Healthy Church Dynamics Poster/Flyer in your world zone’s folder on Canva. Not on Canva? You can have your world zone’s graphics person click here to join our team. Don’t see this design in your world zone’s folder? Contact Amy at [email protected]. You may also download the latest HCD Icon from our our DCPI Media Cloud https://dcpi.org/media.

  3. COMMUNICATE with your trainers! Any master trainers, senior master trainers, or supporting staff and volunteers should receive a communication from you letting them know to download the above resources by June 19th.

  4. Update any websites, documents, references you may have published with the new name ‘Healthy Church Dynamics’.

Healthy Church Dynamics

What if I have existing training already set up?

If you have any training events already scheduled, go ahead and train those as planned. But, encourage your trainers to mention the new name to the course during their training. We would like for the new name to be in place as soon as possible.

If the existing training course is scheduled several months out we recommend changing the name and using it as an excuse to market the training again, hopefully attracting more interest.

Why is this changing?

DCPI continues to develop our training to bring relevant and dynamic content to empower leaders wanting to grow their movements.

From real experience training this course, we’ve found the principles to not just apply to new churches in their infancy, but to existing churches as well.

DCPI has some exciting changes coming in how we can help you systematically accelerate your church movement. This course will fit within our new training framework. Stay tuned!


Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Kevin Marsico at [email protected].