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When you intern for Dynamic Church Planting International, you truly get to see that all things are possible with God! Our team is located in Oceanside, California, and God has used our church planter training to build dynamic, thriving churches on every inhabited continent of the world! We have partnerships with nationals, who can reach unreached people groups in ways we never could, and it is our joy to further God’s kingdom by building His church!

Discover Your Gifts and Passion at DCPI!

Want to use your gifts in global missions? Not ready to jump in forever? Get to know your calling through an internship with Dynamic Church Planting International. Our internships are short-term (2 months to 1 year), and they can be unpaid or support-raised, depending on your needs. We invite you to come serve with us and see what God is doing around the world! Whatever your gifts, we’d love to connect you! We have internship opportunities, or we can work to create an internship around your passions, gifts, and global area of interest. We invite you discover the thrill of using your gifts to help plant churches that spread the Good News!

Internship Opportunities

  • Online Training Intern (Remote)

    This internship will work alongside our DCPI Online Training, including production, platform management, digital marketing, and learning management systems (LMSes). This position will also help our Online Training team as they write, develop, and disseminate digital church planting training throughout the world. By the end of the summer, this individual will have robust experience with learning management systems and training systems to use in education, business, and missions going forward. 

  • Materials/Graphic Design Intern (Remote)

    This internship will utilize the skills you already have with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft Office to help with DCPI’s rebrand of training materials. This intern will work alongside our Director of Materials and Translations to move all of our translations into our new InDesign template. You will need to have your own copy of Adobe InDesign to be able to complete this internship. By the end of the internship, this individual will have robust, hands-on experience using InDesign and will have a variety of graphic pieces to add to his/her portfolio. 

  • Human Resources Intern (Remote or Oceanside, CA)

    This internship will work alongside our Director of Human Resources as well as our Director of Recruitment and Retention to provide support to maintain and enhance DCPI’s human resources procedures from talent acquisition and employment in-processing to employee relations and termination. This position will also enhance staff and volunteer appreciation and team-building. By the end of the internship, this individual will have in-depth experience with human resources processes to apply to business and/or non-profit work in the future. 

  • Storytelling Intern (Remote, Option to Travel)

    This internship will work alongside our Director of Training to gather stories of those whose lives have been impacted by the DCPI trainings we’ve offered around the world. This individual will interview nationals from other countries and write their stories down in reports for future use. They will also work alongside our Communications team to write stories into a format that can be used for blogs, emails, and social media. During the internship, this individual will have an opportunity to raise funds and travel with one of our DCPI teams to another country to participate in a training. By the end of the internship, this individual will have a greater understanding of the impact of global missions and Communications and will be more prepared to do missions work in the future. 

  • Social Media Intern (Remote)

    This internship will work alongside the Director of Communications to outline a social media plan for DCPI going forward. This intern will help develop and schedule social media content for Facebook, Instagram, Google Local, YouTube, and other platforms in order to reach our target markets with appropriate calls-to-action (CTAs). By the end of this internship, the individual will have robust experience strategizing, developing, and scheduling social media in a non-profit setting. 

  • Operations Intern (Remote or Oceanside, CA)

    This internship will work alongside our DCPI Operations team to orchestrate the office environment of DCPI, including supporting administrative staff, ordering supplies, and maintaining standard operating procedures for DCPI systems. By the end of the internship, this individual will have hands-on experience with administration and leadership to apply to missions, business, or other fields going forward! 

  • Writing/Copy Editing Intern (Remote)

    This internship will work alongside our DCPI President to help produce the second book in his three-part series. This intern will work in Google Docs to receive chapters of Paul’s book and proofread them for content and typographical errors. This intern may also assist in the creation of other writing for web pages, blogs, emails, and social media. By the end of this internship, the individual will have a robust understanding of the editing process in both digital and written formats. 

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“Serving with DCPI not only gives you the opportunity to do something meaningful, but it also gives you the chance to be sharpened by some pretty fun, kingdom-minded individuals! We’d love to have you use your gifts alongside us!”

Amy Bayer
Director of Recruitment and Retention

Ready to live an amazing adventure?

The truth is that many of us miss out on the abundant life God has for us because we are afraid of what will happen if we step out in faith and follow God wherever he leads. But, the great news is that God has an adventure in store for your life that’s better than you could ever imagine, and it’s perfectly written with your unique skills, passions, interests, and personality in mind!

Get excited about the wildness of God, the beauty of His creation, and the amazing life God has in store for you, as you explore the real-life adventures of DCPI President and Founder, Paul Becker. You’ll be entertained and encouraged to:

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  • Face your fears and overcome
  • Trust your unknown future to a safe and unchanging God
  • Persevere when you feel like giving up
  • Love the amazing life you get to live!

Best of all?  It’s completely free—our gift to you!

Because we know that when people live by faith, God does amazing things in our world.