From Pigs to the Pulpit

…and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. ~ II Timothy 2:2

READING: II Timothy 2:1-3

He was a long-haired, seventeen year old runner who ran past my house with his dog. I stopped him one morning and introduced myself.

His family had recently moved into our small Aztec town and he was a student of veterinary medicine in Mexico City.

I invited him to visit some Aztec villages with me, and he readily accepted. At that time we were planting churches in about a dozen villages.

Our “Paul and Timothy” relationship lasted for two years. We traveled in my old yellow jeep to many Aztec villages to evangelize and disciple.

My new friend was enamored with all the pigs which ran at will in the streets.

As time passed, the young “Vet” operated on many of the pigs and thus earned the respect of the villagers.

Near the end of the second year of our journey together, he sensed God’s call to ministry.

Upon graduation from the University, he proudly donated his “Pig-skin Diploma” to his mother and stated, “This is what you have helped me through school to earn, but now I am going to serve the Lord.”

He continues to operate on pigs when necessary but has been the pastor of the First Baptist Church in our city for twenty years.

He has also trained 17 men to lead the new churches they have begun. II Timothy 2:2 is a work in progress in the life of my Pig-to-Pulpit friend.

Hundreds of pigs have been helped, and thousands of men now know Christ because of him.

Dear Heavenly Father, Please open our eyes and hearts to see those around us who are longing for You. Teach us to teach others for the multiplication of Your Kingdom. Amen.

Buddy Johnson


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