Balance in Church Planting

The Balance of Church Planting

Living a life in balance can be difficult…especially for church planters! These are 3 important lessons that I’ve learned along the way.

With so much compelling and important work to be done, it is easy to work too hard and too long.

At Dynamic Church Planting International, we encourage church planters to live “The Balance Principle” which states, “The church planter’s walk with God, family life, and ministry must be in biblical balance”.

In Acts 20:28, Paul challenges the Ephesian elders to “Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers.” Notice that Paul’s first challenge to the elders was for them to keep watch over themselves and then to keep watch of all the flock. Paul urges us to live a life in biblical balance.

As a church planter, I learned three important lessons that helped me (Scott) live in better balance.


1. Take a day off each week
I often wore my busy schedule as a badge of honor. I loved working. I thrived on running fast and hard. My dysfunction allowed me to work for weeks without a day off. I didn’t realize how out of balance my life was.

One day a ministry mentor directly, but lovingly, challenged me to honor the sabbath. He said that my busy work life demonstrated that I wasn’t trusting God to lead the ministry.
Thanks to my mentor’s challenge, I began to live in better balance.