Church Planting Essentials

DCPI has two convictions about the Church Planting Essentials training:

1.  The 12 Biblical Principles Of Church Planting are essential for the development and birth of a healthy new church.

Every session in the training will support and apply one or more of the Biblical principles.

2. Knowledge without wisdom is insufficient and learning without application is incomplete.

In order to receive the best out of the Church Planting Essentials training each participant is required to prepare Vision-Plan-Timeline (VPT).

The VPT is designed to help you begin applying what you are learning in the training and to move you further along in the vision and planting of new churches.

Church Planting Essentials’ interactive and comprehensive instruction is designed to enable prospective planters to avoid church planting “land mines”, plan prayerfully, as well as discern and pursue their vision effectively.

Church Planting Essentials sessions will equip you to:

  • Organize, refine and pinpoint your vision, purpose, strategies and timeline early, so that you have a clear plan for the future.
  • Use the 12 Biblical principles for church planting in everything you do.
  • Recognize and avoid land mines such as launching too soon, choosing the wrong facility, or exhausting your launch team.

“The best part was the practicality of the training. Especially the four phases of planting a church. I already had the passion but not the “know how.”
– Thomas Loman

“Church Planning Essentials is a powerful and practical tool for principle-centered church planting-refreshing and dynamic!”
– Mike Ruhl

Churches Planting Churches

Churches Planting Churches equips church leaders to harness the power of the the Mother-Daughter Relationship in church planting.

Even a small church can make a huge impact for the kingdom. Bring new life to your congregation through practical, proven principles of Daughter Church Planting.

Churches Planting Churches sessions will equip you to:

  • Answer fears and objections to church planting.
  • Determine the involvement of the mother church.
  • Develop a timeline for the new church.
  • Find resources needed to fund the daughter church.
  • Overcome common barriers in the new work.
  • Recruit a church planter and leadership.
  • Create your own personalized V.I.P. (Vision-Involvement-Plan).

“DCPI’s program is the most cross-cultural and comprehensive approach I’ve found.”
– Chris McKinney

Mentoring Church Planters

Mentors help keep church planters on task and their vision in focus.  Whether a planter needs help staying on course, avoiding church planting “land mines” or encouragement to take a much needed prayer retreat, a mentor can help.

Three full days are spent in interactive, comprehensive training designed to enable mentors to coach, shepherd and supervise church planters.

Mentoring Church Planter sessions will equip you to:

  • Discover what church planters need, don’t need and don’t know they need
  • Go inside the heart of a church planter
  • Understand the four phases of church planting
  • Know the characteristics of a “model mentor”
  • Prepare for the seasons of mentoring
  • Develop skills and strategies for effective mentoring

“When it comes to the equipping of the saints, DCPI raises the bar of excellence.”
–  Sam Douglass

A Church Planting Movement is a fast-growing movement of churches planting churches that takes place within a people group or a segment of a population.

The churches are growing rapidly, but not exponentially, at least over the long term. These churches are led by leaders who are home-grown, national, aboriginal, indigenous.

Church Planting Movements sessions will equip you with:

  • The 13 Biblical Principles of church planting movements.
  • The Calling & Characteristics Of A Church Planting Movement Leader.
  • How to receive a Vision from God, Communicate it to others, and Recruit leaders to be a part of their team.
  • Complete a Practical Project that focuses on each organizations church planting vision, organizational structure, and a timeline to begin moving forward.

“I want to give thanks to God for this important event and the success the Lord granted in every aspect of the program. For us it is not an end but … the beginning of a process of bringing to birth thousands of dynamic, healthy, self- multiplying churches throughout the nation of Mozambique. We use this forum to express our deep appreciation to all who prayed, gave and served to see these events accomplished. God bless you.”

– Pastor Ademola
DCPI Master Trainer – Mozambique

Our bodies have different systems: cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory and etc. They are independent, but if any one of them fails, the whole body fails. It is the same in the body of Christ. Eight systems in the body of Christ have been studied. We share what you need to do for having the systems required to have a healthy body in the critical first 5 years of life.

New Church Dynamics will equip you with:

  • How to increase the survival rate for new churches.

  • The systems that will help your church be healthy for the critical first 5 years of life.

  • Successful reproduction.

Inspiring the Next Generation

The purpose of the NexGen Challenge training is to inspire next generation leaders to embrace church planting to reach the world for Christ.

This material was designed to challenge teenagers and young adults to engage in the Great Commission. The ultimate goal is to help them understand their importance to pass on their faith to future generations.

At the end of this training, each participant will be challenged to get involved with what God is doing.

NexGen Challenge sessions will equip you with:

  • 10 Biblical Principles of Next Generation Leaders
  • Why Church Planting is Vital
  • The Impact of Good Choices
  • Ministry Landmines Next Generation Leaders must avoid
  • The Importance of Mentoring
  • Myths and Truths about the Next Generation

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