A Magnetic Cistern – In Haiti

DCPI Church Planters put the “Magnet Principle” into effect by using an underground water source as a means to bring their community together and share about Jesus, the Living Water!

The day Pastor Hazer met a little beggar boy named Kervins, God called him to leave his large church, move to Petionville, Haiti, and start a school and church for the impoverished community. He wanted Kervins, his sisters, and many like them to be in school instead of begging on the streets.

His vision was to plant a Christian church that would become a central part of their community. Though Petionville is filled with voodoo and poverty, Pastor Hazer and his wife, Dianna, moved in, started a school, planted Berea Missionary Baptist Church, and built a magnetic cistern.

We often hear of ministries building wells to serve and reach their communities. Cisterns are like wells.

They are underground tanks filled with clean water, which are regularly replenished by water trucks. Water sources like these become meeting places for their communities, opening opportunities for cistern-builders to talk about Jesus, the Living Water!

The cistern at Berea Missionary Baptist School was magnetic! This “magnetic cistern” has enabled Pastor Hazer’s church to become a defacto community center for their area of  Petionville.

The Magnet Principle:
When God plants a church there should be widespread community awareness and interest. 

Pastor Hazer explains: “The community is aware of the church we are planting. Parents send their children to church, and everyone is committed to the spiritual and physical construction of the church. Thus, we win a new generation for Christ!”

Later during this month’s Fireside Chat, I will share with you stories of the amazing things God is doing through the Berea Missionary Baptist church and school.

Lives are being changed by Jesus!

The Whole Community is being changed by Jesus!


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