1. A Wonderful Vision

Our aim is to “equip leaders to impact the planting of 5 million churches.” We do not want to start “DCPI churches” but rather to assist you to plant the churches for which God has given you a vision.

2. Biblical Principles

We base our training on Biblical principles. These principles are timeless and transcultural, since they come from the God’s Word.

3.  Universal Application

Rather than promoting a particular model of church or church planting, our principles are designed to apply to whatever church planting model you choose to utilize (traditional church, seeker church, house church, attractional church, missional church, cell church, multisite church and so on).

4. Reproductive

We want to train your leaders to become Certified Trainers and then give them our DCPI materials so they can reproduce in your network.

5.  Brevity

The training lasts 3 days (21 hours) per track (CPM training lasts 2 days.) Certification takes one additional day.

6. Efficiency

We train leaders to serve in their own culture which is more efficient than training missionaries and sending them to serve after the study of a new language and culture.

7. A Variety of Church Planting Focused Training Tracks

We offer 10 tracks of training:
a. Church Planting Essentials—for church planters and their teams
b. Church Planting Churches—for mother churches
c. Mentoring Church Planters —for church planting mentors
d. Church Planting Movements—for denominational or apostolic type leaders
e. House Church Planting – for leaders who want to start a house church planting movement and/or a house church
f. New Church Dynamics – for church planters with established churches to become more effective
g. NexGen Challenge – to inspire leaders who are 15-29 to embrace church planting to win the world for Christ
h. Church Planting Essentials Orality – for church planters who are oral learners
i. Church Planting Essentials Online – for those who can’t come to a live training
j. Master Trainer and Certified Trainer Resources

8. Simple yet Profound

Leaders from all educational backgrounds are able to benefit from the practical training.

9. Translations

Our training has been translated into many languages and is available for translation in as many as God enables.

10. Non-denominational

We are a para-church ministry within the Bible-believing churches of the world who agree on the fundamental doctrines of the Faith.

11.  Worldwide

Training is available on the six inhabited continents of the world. Our vision is to be in every country by 2020.

12.  Give and it Will be Given

We freely share our training and materials trusting God to provide through His people.

Our Mission:
Equipping leaders to plant five million dynamic churches to reach the world for Christ.