Ramon Mendoza

World Zone Leader for Latin America

Ramon Mendoza serves as the World Zone Leader in Latin America where he networks and coordinates to provide effective church planting training for thousands of leaders throughout the region.

Casting a compelling church planting vision, actively recruiting quality leaders, motivating them to plant churches to reach Latin America for Christ, and praying for the vision to come to pass are all a part of his leadership in this region.

How did God call you to DCPI?

“In 2004, I was in charge of the area of Strategic Prayer for Church Planting, for Dawn Ministries in Latin America. And in a training session in Cartagena, Colombia,  I met the ministry DCPI, and its founder, Paul Becker. At that time definitely, God connected me with the DCPI family, with whom we shared a similar vision for my Latin American people.”

What is your personal vision statement, or life scripture?

Life Scripture: My life verse is represented in Isaiah 26:3-4 – “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, For in YAH, the Lord, is everlasting strength.”

Vision Statement: However, in my years of service to God, He has been perfecting my personal vision statement. I’m a man called to obey God radically, leading others to know Jesus and helping them to reproduce so that their extended families impact and transform societies around them.

An expression that characterizes me, and is a legacy to my family is:
“We are a Venezuelan family to serve and bless.”

What excites you about what God is doing around the world?

“I can not stop saying what God is doing in Latin America, and so also, around the world!!
I’m excited to see faith communities, generating strong and dynamic church planting movements in every corner of the Latin American people.”

What miracles have you seen God perform?

“Wow … people who receive Christ by the testimony of a planter family, pastors who were about to leave the ministry, but when they see what we teach in DCPI- literally, the flame of the gift of God, it is revived! Praise the Lord for this!

And last, but not least: healthy leaders, planting healthy churches – that’s a miracle of God!”

Most influential books or movies:

  • “A Tale of Three Kings” (1980) by Gene Edwards
  • Always present in my daily work: “Hand Me Another Brick” (1983) by Charles Swindoll
  • And with the desire I have of living in His presence, the Word of God, in all possible versions.
  • Because of the depth of its dialogues: “King Arthur” (2004).
  • And the great ethical significance: “12 Angry Men” (1957).

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