July 24 Paul Becker Prayer Update from Cathy Becker
cathy becker video message

There have been several new developments in Paul’s journey recently. Click Here for a video message of latest update from Paul’s wife, Cathy Becker or you can continue to read for the latest update.

For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain. ”  

Philippians 1:21

For the past 7 months the Becker family has walked through DCPI Founder & President, Paul Becker’s cancer journey the only way they know how, with their eyes on the Lord. While they have been caring for Paul’s health it has been a great encouragement to know that brothers and sister’s in Christ from all over the world have been interceding on Paul’s behalf.

We remain confident that God can heal Paul and remove all cancer from his body on this side of Heaven, but we also know that God is God and He is sovereign over all!

In February Paul learned that his cancer had moved to stage four and he shared with his wife Cathy that it was a, “win, win” for him because if he died then he is with Christ but if he lives then he lives in Christ and lives to see millions more churches planted. This speaks to the true security that we can only find in Jesus because whether we live or die being with Christ is the highest treasure and goal of our lives!

Just this week the decision was made to bring in hospice. Paul is no longer undergoing any more medical treatments and his health is completely in the Lord’s Hands (which it has been from the very beginning). Paul and his wife are trusting in God and they are at peace with His Will being done. We know that the power of death has been destroyed by Christ and that through that we have the promise of eternal life in Heaven.

Just like the apostle Paul, our Founder & President is firm that ” to live is Christ, but to die is gain” and that is why we do what we do at DCPI. Training church planters so that people all over the world can hear and respond to the Good News of God and know that their sins are forgiven. That Christ has destroyed the power of death for all that believe in Him. We have the joy of eternal life and the promise of Heaven!

However, because the work is great and we have many church planters left to train, please join us in continuing to pray for Paul’s healing the land of the living. There is still much work to be done and Paul would love to be a part of making it happen!

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You can also hear the latest update on Paul’s health in this video message from his wife, Cathy Becker.


YouTube video


Thank you for your continued prayer and intercession for Paul!


God Bless,

DCPI Central