Partner with a DCPI Staff Member

Why partner with an DCPI staff member

““the soil had been prepared for the pastors, leaders and church planters to receive this tool [DCPI training] for continuing the work of the Holy Spirit in planting new churches and the establishment of new ‘Light Houses,’ which is the term they use to refer to the churches, house churches, and cell groups that have been established during a long period of time in this precious and special Caribbean Island.”
Pastor Antonio, DCPI Master Trainer - Cuba
“I want to give thanks to God for this important event and the success the Lord granted in every aspect of the program. For us it is not an end but … the beginning of a process of bringing to birth thousands of dynamic, healthy, self- multiplying churches throughout the nation of Mozambique. We use this forum to express our deep appreciation to all who prayed, gave and served to see these events accomplished. God bless you.”
“After 20 years on the mission field, I believe that God can use this training in order to bring revival … in Romania.”