Overwhelmed with Joy

Overwhelmed with Joy


A man approached me and asked for someone who spoke Spanish.

I was concerned because no translators were around.  Thankfully, I had our handy translation booklet that has a lot of phrases and prayers translated into Spanish.

By the grace of God, I was able to communicate the message of Jesus’ salvation to him.  I shared with him the story of Jesus’ blood being shed on the cross for our sins and then asked if he wanted to accept the gift of forgiveness by asking Jesus into his heart.

The man was overcome with joy and asked for the gift of salvation from his sins.  We prayed with him and he asked Jesus into his heart.

Not only was he overcome with joy but I was as well.  The Holy Spirit not only brought joy to this man who was so thirsty for Truth, but to me as well by being able to share God’s Truth.

-Allyson (Michigan, 15 years old)