Orality Training in West Africa 2023
church planting orality west africa

Dr. Emmanuel Donkoh, West Africa World Zone Leader, visualizes growing Christian communities of oral learners resulting from hosting this distinctive training in Ghana. This was the third time the oral Bible storytelling methodology has been presented in West Africa.  Previously, it was presented in Niger and Burkina Faso in 2018.  Ollis and Dr. Almena Mozon joined a well-prepared team of Ghanaian Leaders for an incredible 9 days in Cape Coast and Accra, using voice, movement, and repetition to enable participants to learn and internalize the principles and Bible stories that will establish new churches that produce new followers of Jesus. The Ghanaians were enthusiastic and inspiring as they presented their “Telling Your Vision” Assignments, identifying the targets for their church planting, the Bible stories they will repeat to develop maturity and the teams that will listen and respond to the needs of these new communities for Christ.