Out of Great Damage [Video Story]
shakika fraser in st vincent

On April 9th this year, the La Soufrière volcano started erupting on the main island of Saint Vincent in the Eastern Caribbean. The eruption dropped up to 6” inches of ash on rooftops, causing them to collapse. It burned banana groves that provided food for the local population, and it contaminated the water supply. 

When 20,000 local people had to relocate to local schools and churches outside of the “red zone”, DCPI Certified Trainers Ansell and Mary Watts saw an opportunity. The Watts are evangelists who have been doing hurricane disaster relief throughout the Caribbean islands. In the aftermath of the St. Vincent volcano, they began to work with local churches to filter water and grow plants in innovative ways, with the help of the agricultural department. They have also been going into the underserved inner-city to preach the Gospel and deliver water and supplies. 

Before coming to Christ, Ansell was a drug dealer in the Caribbean. Now, he and his wife Mary have a vision to help repair damage, preach the Gospel, and lead people to Christ throughout the Caribbean. This summer, they  have been partnering with a Wesleyan pastor and Certified Trainer, Shakika Fraser.  Together, they equipped more leaders for a new church in St. Vincent by holding a Churches Planting Churches Training. 

God works all things together for good! 

Out of great damage,  God brings about His gracious will for His Church. 

Nothing can stop our God!