Equipping Leaders using Orality Church Planting Training in Niger

Back in 2009, God brought confirmation during a prayer retreat to increase the vision of DCPI to plant five million churches in every inhabited nation in the world.

The thing about vision is that as it expands, the path by which you get there must be flexible to change.

One of the changes that became apparent was in our training of leaders in parts of the world that were predominantly illiterate.

The country of Niger is the 4th most illiterate nation on earth.

In places like this our team has been challenged to evaluate our materials so they could be used to train leaders where oral learning is standard. Out of this need, the DCPI Orality track was born.

Orality is an interactive and communicative way of learning, where the key is repetition through storytelling.

This track of training has begun to take flight as more countries with high illiteracy rates have opened for DCPI church planting trainings.

One of the indigenous leaders standing in the gap so multiplication through this oral training can continue to gain momentum is a man named Sajid.

Coming from a Muslim family, Sajid was forced as a young boy to memorize the Quran.

As this multiplication takes root, it’s become evident God has anointed Sajid for the ministry of equipping leaders for church planting through Orality, using his gift of memorization for God’s glory!

Until the whole world knows Him,

Dr. Paul Becker
President and Founder


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