Chris McKinney

March 2019

Exponential Growth.

The dictionary defines “exponential” growth as growth that is “becoming more and more rapid.”

This is what is happening with the number of Christian leaders who are getting Dynamic Church Planting International’s training. That number is not just growing, but it is growing more and more rapidly.

During the seven-year period from 2003 (when DCPI began our model of reproductive training) through 2009, DCPI trained 41,560 leaders how to plant new churches.

But during the next eight years, from 2010 (when I joined the DCPI team) through 2017, we trained 149,980— more than three times as many leaders trained!

We have researched the leaders who have completed DCPI training to see how many churches each leader (on average) plants within 3-5 years of being trained.

Based on that research, we have set a goal of training 188,000 new leaders in just three years—2018-2020.

Once those 188,000 new leaders are trained to start new churches, DCPI will have equipped leaders to plant one million churches.

Our vision at DCPI is to equip Christian leaders to plant five million new churches to reach the world for Christ. What a milestone, to train the leaders who will plant the first million churches!

This is a scary goal for most of us. It can be hard to see how more leaders can be trained in less than half the time.

Our plans to train 188,000 new leaders include training in 82 countries for the very first time, and translating one or another of our tracks of training into some other language another 163 times.

Our plans have us looking for more training partners, more prayer partners, more financial partners, more staff, and more volunteers.

I never dreamed I would be part of a ministry having such impact on the world and on the kingdom of God.

I hope all our ministry partners feel the same sense of excitement I do. We need you to help us press forward.

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Chris McKinney


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