Brandon Becker

January 2019

At the start of every year, I like to take an inventory of God’s blessings to maintain a God-honoring attitude and perspective.

First and foremost, Jesus is our greatest blessing! I shudder to think where we would be without Him. It’s important to end one year, and begin the next with giving God thanks for His Son and our purpose.

Second, this beautiful family! What an honor to be entrusted to lead and love these people. Jenn and I celebrated 9 years of this marriage adventure in Oct of 2018. God sent two beautiful kids to us over the last 3 years. I love loving them. I love discipling them.

Third, our calling and ministry! We serve the Lord as a family. I (Brandon) may be the one that is identified as a staff member with DCPI, but without Jenn’s support, encouragement, and faith we couldn’t accomplish what God wants done. Our kids see us praying for big, global, Jesus-honoring things. Our hope and prayer is that their faith is already growing, as they see us expending our lives for God.

We have so much to grateful for! As we begin this year, our desire is to start strong on every front. Specifically, we want a strong prayer team and also a firm financial foundation so that our family and ministry will be strategic and fruitful.

Would you pray for us? Spiritual warfare is real and, as you might imagine, the Enemy is threatened by the vision of 5,000,000 churches to reach the world for Christ! Please pray for protection and God’s favor over our family.

Would you financially support our ministry? Would you consider supporting our ministry to see the world reached through 5,000,000 new churches?

Donate Here to securely make your gift. DCPI is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and your generous contribution is tax deductible.

Brandon Becker
Senior Director of Technology and Director of Online Training


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