Join us in designing for the Great Commission through solid DCPI branding.

We have developed a set of guidelines to aid you in the sacred task of utilizing our brand and assets, including our logo, typography, and inspirational references, for the higher purpose of designing for the Kingdom of Jesus. These tools are not just elements of style but symbols of faith that communicate our united mission.

Should you wish to employ our trademarks in a manner not outlined within these guidelines, we encourage you to reach out to us at [email protected] with a visual mock-up of your vision.

Together, we can ensure that every design serves as a beacon of His message and furthers the Great Commission.


Access our Brand Book in your own language. Please select from the options below:

A symbol of our commitment and vision.

To ensure its integrity and impact, please maintain the minimum clearance area around the logo for visual clarity. It should stand out clearly in any medium.

Be vigilant that text or other design elements do not infringe upon this space. Additionally, observe the minimum size requirements at all times to preserve the logo’s legibility and prominence. This adherence to our standards is essential in presenting a unified image of our dedication to the Great Commission.”

Most common logo applications

Our logo is versatile, designed for use in its two versions on standard background colors. This ensures consistency across various platforms while allowing flexibility within the design specifications. Remember to adhere to the visual guidelines to maintain the logo’s integrity and the brand’s cohesive identity.”

Logo misuse

Our brand is the result of meticulous design, with colors and proportions crafted for specific impact and meaning.

To preserve this intentional design, always utilize the official logo files provided. Refrain from recreating or altering the logo in any way. This ensures our brand’s integrity and recognition are consistently upheld across all platforms and representations.”

Meet our Core Colors

The cornerstone of our visual identity is Jade Green, a hue that reflects growth and vitality, synonymous with the life we find in Christ.

To accompany this primary color, we have a palette of supplementary colors carefully selected to create harmony and balance in your designs. Utilize these colors thoughtfully to craft compositions that resonate with our brand’s spirit and mission.

Jade Green


Blue Charcoal




White Lilac


Complementary Colors Palette

In addition to our signature Jade Green, we present our complementary color range—each chosen for their visual harmony and symbolic richness. These colors are designed to accentuate and complement our main hue, bringing diversity yet unity to our designs.

They are not just aesthetic choices; they represent the multifaceted nature of our mission and the variety within the body of Christ. Use these colors to add depth, focus, and energy to your creations, always aligning with the message and values of our mission.







Boston Blue




Silver Tree


Puerto Rico


Paradise Pink


Cream Can


West Side




Light Gray




Blue Charcoal




Social Media Icons

We have a dedicated version of our logo exclusively for use as a profile picture on social media platforms. This specialized rendition ensures optimal visibility and brand recognition in the unique dimensions and contexts of social media interfaces.

Please reserve this version strictly for profile imagery on these platforms and refrain from using it in any other instance to maintain the consistency and integrity of our brand’s digital presence.

Are you a Adobe Creative Cloud® user?

When creating keynotes and printed materials within the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, we have a preferred selection of fonts that align with our brand’s aesthetic and values. Ensure you typeset these fonts with optical kerning, keep the tracking set to 0, and format the text in sentence case for consistency and clarity.

Remember, the fonts we’ve chosen for print are specifically tailored for paper viewing. Thin fonts have an exceptional printed appearance, exuding elegance and readability in physical form, but they may not translate well on digital screens. Please reserve these delicate typefaces for print only, to maintain their intended impact.

Web fonts

This is our choice for keynotes and printed materials using Adobe Creative Cloud based fonts. Always typeset it with optical kerning, set the tracking to 0, and set in sentence case.

Print fonts are meant to be viewed on paper. Thin fonts, in particular, look wonderful in print but don’t work on a screen.

Type specimen:

Ideal stack

A typographic hierarchy is an essential system in design that employs typography—through variations in size, font style, and arrangement of text—to establish a visual order, guiding users to different levels of information importance. This hierarchy acts as an organizational framework, helping to sort and present data in a way that is easily navigable and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that viewers can effortlessly find the information they need.

This is how we compose titles and text stacks:

All Caps: Use all caps for titles that require immediate attention. This style is ideal for section headers, promotional calls to action, and when we need to convey authority and strength. Reserve it for contexts where brevity and impact are paramount.

Sentence Case: Use sentence case for a more informal and accessible tone. This style is perfect for article titles, subtitles, and any context that calls for a more human, conversational approach. This is the right choice when we aim to establish a closer connection with the reader.


Webfont styleguide

Web fonts are crafted with the digital landscape in mind, optimized for on-screen viewing. They ensure that text is legible and clear across different devices and resolutions, providing a seamless reading experience for users. Employing web fonts in digital design is essential for maintaining readability and enhancing user engagement.

Standard Stationary

Mockup and Adobe Creative original files available.

Worldzone Signatures

Follow this signature template for our global zones. Please request the original file from our media team or download it directly from our media cloud. This ensures consistency in our communications across all regions and upholds the professional standard of our global brand identity.

E-mail & letter signature

Keep it simple, including only essential information in three to six lines.

Use common fonts such as Helvetica, Calibri, or Arial, sized 12–14 points.

Use a single color, such as black or dark gray.

Inspirational imagery

For our publications, we seek imagery that embodies unity, multiculturalism, and teamwork. These visuals should reflect the diverse and collective spirit of our community, illustrating how different cultures come together in collaboration to achieve a common goal. The images are not just pictures; they’re a testament to the inclusivity and cooperative ethos we champion in our mission.”

This directive outlines the desired thematic content of images for publications, emphasizing the importance of representing the organization’s values visually.

Shooting videos

When capturing images, the ideal composition includes a slight space above the subject’s head—approximately the width of 2 to 4 fingers. Achieve this by gently tilting the camera downward by a few degrees. This minor adjustment, while subtle, is crucial for creating a balanced and visually appealing image. It’s these small details that contribute to the professional and thoughtful presentation of our visuals.

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