From Prison to Purpose in Malawi

Jesus behind bars.

It’s not the picture that typically comes to mind when envisioning the King of Kings. But that’s exactly where Christ is revealing Himself within the country of Malawi, often referred as the “Warm Heart of Africa”.  

In the same way revival happened throughout Rome starting in a prison cell occupied by the Apostle Paul, DCPI trained leaders are seeing revival spring forth from behind bars.

In a place like Malawi, a person can serve years in prison for something as small as stealing bread to feed their family. That’s what happened to Pastor Charles, who served 12 years in a Malawi prison for this exact crime.

Last year, DCPI trainers met Pastor Charles while ministering in the place that once held him captive…a Malawi prison.  

He and three other church leaders attending this particular training all had a heart for incarcerated men and women in seven prisons throughout their country.

Just a year after completing DCPI’s training, two of the prisons are home to new churches. Pastor Charles has 500 men gathering in a prison located in Lilongwe, the country’s capital.  

In a neighboring city, Ntchisi, 62 men gave their lives to Christ with 37 baptized at their first prison church plant Sunday!

Thank you for your prayer for Malawi. These two church planters press on towards their vision of more leaders trained by DCPI to see new churches planted in the remaining prisons.

Until the whole world knows Him,

Dr. Paul Becker

President and Founder


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