"Light Up" Your City

“Light Up” Your City


How is your church making a difference in your community? Are people being drawn to Jesus because of the presence of your church in their lives?

At DCPI, the Magnet Principle challenges us with the truth that when God plants a church, there should be widespread community awareness. 

In Matthew 5:14-16, Jesus describes his followers as the light of the world. He speaks about a city on a hill that cannot be hidden. He shares how people put a lamp on a stand so that it light to everyone in the house.

The church is meant to “light up” the entire community in which it is planted.

As a certified trainer, you can help equip leaders to plant churches that live out the Magnet Principle. 

Let us share with you three recent examples of this.

Oto, one of our NexGen team leaders in Latin America, led a training for four NexGen leaders who were planting a church within the Casa Hogar Alto Refugio orphanage. The four leaders of this organization are now investing into orphaned youth to plant house churches.

A few months ago, Scott, DCPI’s Representative for the Middle East, trained three Iranian leaders online who are determined to multiply training and planting churches in Iran and throughout the Iranian diaspora bringing the light of Jesus to many.

Laura, one of our NexGen team leaders originally from Latin America that now serves in Europe, completed a DCPI training for a couple who are planting a Hispanic church in France. Because of Laura’s influence, the church this couple plants will draw Spanish speaking individuals living in France to Jesus.

Through these trainings, Oto, Scott and Laura and their teams of trainers, empowered leaders to touch their communities by living out The Magnet Principle. They were enabled to create widespread community awareness through their new churches. These leaders were equipped to plant churches that would act like cities on a hill, bringing the light of Jesus to the entire community.

If you are a Certified Trainer and haven’t trained in a while, would you commit to being a trainer for at least one DCPI training event before the end of 2021?

If you aren’t a Certified Trainer yet, would you commit to entering the process to be considered to become a Certified Trainer before the end of 2021?

If you would like to become a Certified Trainer, please reply to this email and we will connect you with a training that will help you into the process of potentially becoming a DCPI Certified Trainer.  

May you help bring widespread community awareness and interest to the Kingdom of God.


Until the whole world knows Him,


Dr. Paul Becker

President and Founder

Scott Kirk

Vice President of Global Training