Find Church Planting Training in Latin America

Church planters across Latin America are being equipped with DCPI training to plant dynamic new churches.

You can bring DCPI church planter training to your network of churches. Or if you are a church planter, find a training near you and get started in your God-given church planting adventure.

And see new churches planted for people like this…




Hear what Leaders at a recent Church Planter Training in Venezuela had to say…

“This was a very unique opportunity for learning biblical principles with a contemporary aplication and a new way to plant a church as I was learned. I feel more secure about planting a new church.”

Pastor J, Venezuela

“This course was the answer to many questions we had while thinking about planting and developing a healthy and growing church. We felt inpired by the trainers as they use their passion and oustanding communication skills and experinences to pour it out over us”

Pastor A, Venezuela

Visit the DCPI Latin American World Zone website.

See DCPI Church Planting Training in every country in Latin America by 2020.

Countries with training have national DCPI Certified Trainers. Countries without training do not have DCPI trainers in their country yet.

Countries with Training

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador

Puerto Rico

Countries without Training

French Guiana

Stories of Life Change through Church Planting


At the age of 80, Sue decided to embark on her very first mission trip!   She joined NexGen, our training program for young leaders.

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Find Church Planting Training Near You

Get in touch with me and I’ll help you with DCPI church planting training in Latin America.

Ramon Mendoza
Latin America World Zone Leader

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