Greetings In the name of our beloved Lord Jesus!

Jesus has a way of starting something strong in our lives when we accept Him as our Savior! Today, I’d like to share a story with you about how God is starting something strong in the country of Turkey! Our mission is to bring church planting training to every country of the world, and we’ve had a really hard time finding leaders to open Turkey… until now!

 About 10 years ago, our team at DCPI started praying that we’d be able to train leaders in Turkey to plant churches there and throughout the Islamic world. You see, just over a hundred years ago, 22% of the population of Turkey was Christian. But now, only .2% of the population is Christian, and the majority of Turkish people are Islamic. 

 This past month, however, God provided 30 missionary refugees from nearby countries for us to train! Our leaders used the Arabic translation of our House Church Planting training to equip refugees from Egypt, Syria, and other Islamic countries to plant churches in Turkey! Based on our projections, that means there will be about 75 new churches in Turkey, which means about 3,000 lives changed by Jesus in the next 5 years! 

One of these leaders is Yousef (not his real name), who moved his wife and two children from Egypt to one of the Arabic refugee communities to purposefully start a church planting movement. House Church Planting is Yousef’s third track of DCPI training as the Lord prepared him to be a missionary from Egypt to Turkey.  

 After years of waiting, God is making a way for us to start strong in Turkey! He is using DCPI Trained missionaries from the Middle East to go where American and European missionaries cannot go.

We’re very excited to watch Him multiply leaders, transform lives, and use this movement to reach deep into the Islamic world. Praise be to God!   He hears our prayers and He works even in places where very few people know Him!

May God continue to start strong things through you in your corner of the world this month! 

Until the whole world knows Him!


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