Interceding for our People

So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition, in fasting, and in sackcloth and ashes. ~ Daniel 9:3

READING: Daniel 9:1-23

When we receive a calling from God to a particular group of people, God makes us responsible to Him for them.

Many times we forget that He has a purpose for them and is looking to us to be their intercessor.

In Daniel 9 we can see that Daniel was concerned for God’s people in captivity and sought to know what God would do with them.

When he discovered in the Scriptures why his people were in captivity he began to intercede for them, confessing the sins of the nation and agreeing with God regarding them.

Then he pleaded with God for mercy and deliverance for them.

We can see in Daniel 9:23 and 10:12 that on the very first day Daniel began interceding, God sent a messenger who had been withstood for twenty-one days until there was finally a breakthrough.

God delivered His people in part because Daniel interceded for them. We need to hear from God for our people and intercede for God’s will to be done for them.

We need to insist in effective, fervent prayer until they have a breakthrough. God’s hand is moved, His angels are sent and His provision is granted in response to our prayers.

Do you make time to get away and hear from God for your people and to intercede for them? There is nothing like time alone with God to hear what He wants for His people.

Make it a part of your busy schedule to spend quality time away with God.

Heavenly Father, I confess that often I have not spent much quality time interceding for my assigned people. Please help me to pray diligently. I want to know and do your perfect will for them. Amen.

Ron Thiesen


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