Fireside Chat – The Battle Belongs to the Lord

Greetings in the name of our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ!

This Summer we have seen God building His church and bringing people closer to himself, even without physical church locations.

One story that particularly blessed me is the story of a dear friend of mine named Tom. Tom is an elder at my home church.  He is an 82-year old follower of Jesus who lives in Oregon in the United States and has a lake on his property. About a year ago, a woman reached out to Tom wanting to be baptized in the lake. When her cousin found out that she was getting baptized, the cousin also wanted to get baptized.

Tom’s good friend Bill found out about the baptism, and his sister Barbara wanted to get baptized after recommitting her life to Jesus. Bill, too, decided to get baptized with his sister.

Tom asked his grandson, Foster, to help him with the baptism, and Foster replied, “I would like to get baptized, as well.”

Tom posted on Facebook to invite more people to the baptism, and about six others reached out, wanting to get baptized.

Baptism Day was June 27, 2020, and the group gathered at the lake. With Foster’s help, Tom baptized families together: Bill and Barbara, a son and his two parents, and Tom had the honor of baptizing Foster.

“It was a precious day! We had twelve people in total get baptized,” rejoiced Tom.

I am so proud of my dear friend, Tom, and of my home church in central Oregon for continuing to make disciples for Christ during the pandemic.

Tom plans on using this holy lake for more of God’s work in the future! The battle truly is the Lord’s, and He is fighting for His Church!

My question for you is this – what do you have that God could use to build His Church during the pandemic? You might be surprised how God can use unexpected things to grow His Kingdom!

Until the whole world knows Him!

Paul Becker


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