From My Heart to Yours
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I pray to our Great God that you and yours are healthy and strong during this pandemic!

In Psalm 71:5 we read,
For you have been my hope, Sovereign LORD, my confidence since my youth.

The word hope carries a meaning of trust and expectation.

From the root of the word hope, we discover the terms curve and to bend.

HOPE in our Sovereign Lord gives us confidence in Him and inspires us to make a change.

At DCPI, our vision remains to equip leaders to plant five million dynamic churches to reach the world for Christ. Our hope and plan is to bring our training to every country of the world. We have 54 countries remaining.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, our normal method of equipping leaders has been greatly affected. For the time being, we are no longer able to gather leaders together face-to-face for church planter trainings. But, our Sovereign Lord continues to be our confident HOPE. He is empowering us to trust Him as He leads us to make an important change in delivery during this world crisis.

In 2020, DCPI will focus on equipping leaders to plant dynamic churches worldwide by using our OnLine Training and by utilizing digital LiveStream Webinar Trainings. We will concentrate on introducing our reproductive, effective church planting materials to every country in the world.

Recently, Venezuelan Master Trainers Luis and Alvaro, along with four other Latin American Master Trainers, gathered thirty-four church planters together online. Each was in the safety of their own homes. They experienced a digital LiveStream Webinar. Our new training format allowed these Venezuelan leaders to be trained in two tracks of DCPI training even though they were in a government-mandated quarantine. What is the projected result of this digital training? There are now plans for 325 new churches to be established by these trained leaders.

Quickly, we have equipped over forty Certified Trainers and Master Trainers to train church planters using LiveStream Webinars. They are from five different continents. DCPI is now offering OnLine and LiveStream Webinars to leaders all over the world on nearly every day of the week. We are amazed at how the Lord has helped DCPI to make a change in direction to fulfill His vision. There is HOPE!

Join us in bringing church planter training to the remaining 54 countries of the world in this new digital format! Please reply to this email and we will help you get started!

Until the whole world knows Him!