Fireside Chat with Paul Becker

Hi, I’m Paul Becker, President and Founder of Dynamic Church Planting International.  DCPI.

Greetings in the Name of our Beloved Jesus!

I pray that you, your family, your friends, your church are all healthy and serving the Lord during this challenging time.

This month at DCPI, we are watching for New Life. God is bringing new life to our dark world. Today, I want to share a brief story of God bringing new life to the Sahara desert in north Africa.

Pastor Steve has served in Kuwait for the past 14 years. Steve leads Crossroads International Church, and he works with a church planting organization called Global 12.

In 2006, Global 12 began a church planting movement in North Africa and the Middle East using DCPI’s New Dynamic Church Planting Handbook as their textbook for training new leaders.

In June 2006, they began “saturation church planting.” That month, they trained 300 leaders using DCPI methods and sent them out. Since then, they have planted over 10,000 churches!  Yes, 10,000 churches! They have used DCPI tools to establish lasting churches in Gabon, Tunisia, and Libya, which are some of the hardest countries for DCPI to reach!

We praise God that He continues to bring new life, even when our world seems dark and countries seem impossible to open! Would you join us in praying for national leaders to receive training and plant churches in Saudi Arabia?

Now is the time to keep training national church planters, especially with our Live Stream Webinars and our Online Training.  Go to

Thank you for faithfully investing in the Kingdom of God with your finances!

Now is the time to be generous to grow God’s Kingdom through DCPI.

Until the whole world knows Jesus! May God bless you and yours!


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