Fireside Chat with Paul Becker

Hi, this is Paul Becker, President and Founder of Dynamic Church Planting International.

DCPI. It is great to be sharing with you from my home.

Greetings in the Name of our Beloved Jesus!

During this time of the coronavirus, I pray that you, your family, your friends, your church are all healthy, enjoying the Lord and serving Him!

This is our Fireside Chat.  It is something new to encourage and motivate you to reach precious people for Christ and plant churches in more than 152 countries globally.

I’d like to share the story of one of our church planters in Nice, France, as an encouragement to you today.

Philippe is a Swiss leader married to a French woman named Rebecca. Rebecca’s parents were church planters in Nice, France. Both Philippe and Rebecca had been serving elsewhere, when God clearly called them back to Nice.

God made it clear that they were to take over the church from its founders.  Then in 2019, God led them to replant the church.

They named it Spark Church. They are sparking a fire for a movement of evangelism and church planting in France and beyond.

In 2019, the church doubled in size to more than 200 people.  They had the joy of baptizing 40 people, which is huge in France!

They are on their way to planting their first daughter church.  The first of many daughter churches!  They have equipped many other European church planters in multiple tracks of our training.

We are thankful for church planters (and re-planters) like Philippe and Rebecca, who have gone through our training.

They have put into practice time-tested church planting principles to build dynamic churches to reach people for Christ both now, in the midst of chaos, and in a future that only God can see.

Like Philippe and Rebecca, thousands of certified DCPI trainers have equipped more than 287,000 church planters since our mission was founded. To God be the glory!

In small towns and towering cities, God is planting and growing His Church, even in a global pandemic.

When I emailed Philippe a week ago to ask him how they are doing, he said that many of his church members are nurses, doctors, emergency responders, supermarket agents who are out in the community, still working, and bringing the love of Jesus everywhere the disease can go.

There is no place that the Good News of Jesus can not go!

Philippe told me, “We are going to do a major baptism celebration at the end of June to take revenge on the Coronavirus.”

We are in a battle for the lost souls of this world.  We know that we serve a God who will win the final victory. He is powerful enough to stop the coronavirus right now, and He is kind enough to turn this challenging season into something beautiful.

Based on our best research, we project our DCPI trained leaders have established hundreds of thousands of new churches in 152 countries.  We are His Church. Every believer is called to be Christ’s hands and feet.

The Lord is using us to plant healthy churches using DCPI principles, to heal the sick, to provide for people’s needs.  God is using our churches to help multitudes of people come to Jesus. All because we serve a mighty God who cannot be stopped.  Christ and his Church are unstoppable!

Now is the time to keep training church planters, especially with our Live Stream Webinars and our Online Training.  Go to

Thank you for faithfully investing in the Kingdom of God with your finances!

Now is the time to be generous to grow God’s Kingdom through DCPI.

We trust in Him! We intentionally care for our neighbors both here and around the world during this time. Join us in praying for pastors and church planters all around the world!

Ask God to give them wisdom, provision, and power to lead the lost to Jesus and make disciples like never before!

Until the whole world knows Jesus!

May God bless you and yours!


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