Being Fruitful and Multiplying in Finland

Could you imagine a world without reproduction?

In the same way reproduction is a way of life for humans, plants and animals, God created the church to follow the “Principle of Multiplication.”

This principle teaches that the church was designed to naturally reproduce through the planting of new churches, or what we at DCPI call “daughter churches,” as a part of a normal and healthy growth process.

Just as we take for granted the normal growth process in the world around us, DCPI training states the planting of daughter churches is critical for a healthy church and should be a part of a church’s vision from the very beginning.

In the same way we experience challenges in raising the next generation, hurdles inevitably arise in church planting yet through the struggles, leaders get to work together with God to see new churches planted.

Revival Fire Church in Jyväskyla, Finland is one example of how operating by the Lord’s design for fruitful multiplying churches brings life-giving blessings.

In just 8 months, this pastor saw first-hand how a vision for daughter church planting impacted their congregation as a new core group was planted in the neighboring area of Persämäki through their efforts.

The leader gives testimony that the new church would not have been possible without DCPI.

“The Church Planting Essentials (CPE) course came to us at a critical time with the most important session for us titled, ‘Why Plant Daughter Churches?’  As the pastor, I am now changing my practices so all new churches will be taught to become a mother church, too!”

Until the whole world knows Jesus,

Paul Becker
President and Founder


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