February 2021 [Video Story]
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Greetings in the Name of our Beloved Jesus!

Today I want to tell you how God turned an atheist into a church planter!

We’ve all been there… having that loved one in our lives who wants nothing to do with God or His gift of salvation. I know from experience that sometimes it can feel hopeless for a Christian to witness to a loved one who just won’t hear. Especially when all you want to do is ensure that the ones you love the most will be with you in Paradise. 

That’s why today it blesses me to tell you Jessica’s story! Jessica Dolan was an angry atheist.   Her mission was to disprove the good news of Jesus! 

And then this happened. Quest Community Church in West Liberty, OH did an outreach at a local parade.  A church member handed a young woman a hot cup of cocoa.  This young woman started attending the church, became a Christian and a new member.

That same young woman invited Jessica’s younger sister and mother to attend Quest Community Church. This news of both her sister and her mother going to this new church enraged atheist Jessica.   She set out to discredit the church by joining them. Jessica didn’t know that people were praying for her to come to Christ.  Members of Quest Church were praying and so, secretly, was her husband, Paul.  

As Jessica started to attend the church, she experienced God do miracles in her family.   Pastors began to disciple her family.  Through the leading of the spirit, Jessica’s heart soon became softened and she accepted Christ as her Savior!

But God had so much more planned for Jessica! Through continued discipleship she quickly grew into serving in the church with the children. And shortly afterwards, she and Paul felt led to be a part of a church planting team from Quest church that launched their first daughter church. 

Through this prayerful journey, she was eventually called by God to obtain a seminary degree and DCPI Church Planting Essentials training on her way to lead Quest’s second daughter church.

It’s stories like Jessica’s that show us God has the power to transform any life! 

Planting churches is about transforming individuals like Jessica. Transformed individuals  transform families like the Dolans.  Transformed families transform communities like West Liberty, OH, — in the heartland of the USA… as well as in 162 other countries where DCPI has provided training.           

Who are the “Jessica’s” in your life right now? Let this story encourage you to keep praying for their hearts to be softened to the Good News of the Savior! Our Lord can use even the most unlikely people in the mightiest of ways!

Thank you for partnering with DCPI, through your prayer and financial support to equip church planters like Jessica Dolan!         

Until The Whole World Knows Him!