Featured Country – Panama


Something Wonderful Has Happened!

You have a new sister in the Lord! Her name is Reina, and she lives in Panama. She met Jesus at Guna Yala Church, a congregation that was planted by a DCPI-trained leader. Having been visited time and again by those who were planning to launch the church, she came to Guna Yala’s first gathering and there she accepted Christ.

Reina attributes her knowing Jesus to the continual visits to her home by the launch team members and the presence of the church locally. Her pastor describes it as God convening; Reina was one of many who came to the new church on the day of its first service and subsequently believed in Jesus.

Today her pastor characterizes her as the most active of those who attend and a woman who is faithful to God’s work in the areas of service, attention to visitors, prayer and fellowship. She serves the other members with love and especially encourages her sisters in the Lord. She is interested in evangelism and heartily supports missionary work.

Reina is enjoying her new life of learning about God through Bible study, attending church, loving God and reflecting His love.

Her transformation is influencing her family and other relationships, as well. Her husband listens as she shares with him, and her family has begun attending church with her. She says that God is making her family better.

This woman of God says that the best thing that has happened to her is the Truth of Christ in her life. She also relates that another blessing is the friendship and fellowship she has found in the Church.

As it is with this sister, so it is for many others at the church plant. Their families are now hearing the gospel, and they are reaching their neighborhood for Christ as they grow and mature in the Christian life themselves.

What was the drawing force for Reina? “The love that was reflected by those who visited me helped me to see the love of Jesus.”

On behalf of Reina and her home church in Panama, thank you for joining us in the venture of equipping leaders to plant churches.