Encouragement for a Weary Soul

Encouragement for a Weary Soul


There was a man who was standing in his doorway at the bottom of a ravine who watched as our group passed.

A few of us approached him with a bag of food for his family. Immediately the man began to pray for us.

He was already a believer who we later found out had not been close with the Lord for some time. I shared with him how the food was a free gift just like the blood of Jesus is a free gift.  I told the man that Jesus loved him and wanted his salvation.

Tears welled up in the man’s eyes so I embraced him and the man began to weep.  My team member hugged him and the pastor prayed over him.

It’s amazing to see how powerful God’s message is that something so small as, reminding the man of the gift we have in Jesus’ sacrifice, encouraged the man to strengthen his walk with the Lord.

-Natalie Peterson (From Florida)