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A Launch of Independence


“Land of the free and the home of the brave”- Star Spangled Banner 

As another Independence Day approaches, it has me considering what freedom really means for a nation. For centuries, the United States has maintained the blessing of religious freedom.

But in the world of church planting, this can create a dulled sense of urgency to train up leaders to plant and multiply churches within our own backyard. 

Since it only takes a generation to snuff out the freedoms our country was founded upon, DCPI continues to place an emphasis on equipping leaders to plant dynamic churches overseas, as well as right here in North America. 

Our North American leaders are doing just that! In the heartland of America, the Word of Life Church of Dubuque, Iowa recently trained up leaders to go plant another church in Plattville, Wisconsin.

The planting of this daughter church was exciting to members of the congregation, and it is having an impact on the new local community beginning with their first, ‘Launch Sunday’. 

A woman who lived across the street from the new church plant watched as people gathered for the first Sunday service. Her curiosity led her to see what was going on.

Being drawn in by what she described as a warm, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere, she stayed the entire service. By the end, she raised her hands to receive Christ as her personal Lord and Savior!

So, whether people gather thousands of miles across the world in an underground house church or here on our own soil in a building in the center of town, each new church planted is making Kingdom impact! 

Until the whole world knows Him, 

Dr. Paul Becker

President and Founder