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A Tale of Two Cities


Take a moment and look at the two photos at the top of this post. Both display the perspective of looking down a neighborhood street, but they are far from similar in every other way. 

The photo to the right is one taken on a main road in Fort Worth, Texas. As you can see the street is adorned with Christmas lights ringing in the holiday season. The other photo is a very different image. This was taken in a city in Syria, where, not long-ago, ISIS was attacking communities while many witnessed their family and friends being murdered right outside their front doors. 

Only 2 miles from the site of this Syrian photo, however, is a small but thriving church. Despite the heartache and devastation every single church member has encountered over the last several years, they have begun a movement of house church planting!

This past year, DCPI sent the first team of leaders to Syria, since the war, to train Church Planting Essentials (CPE). While this group has already planted 23 house churches, the church members are energized with vision and hope to spread the name of Jesus further across their country! Through the equipping of indigenous leaders, God is establishing His Kingdom.  

So, this Christmas, as you take in the beautiful lights and warmth that this season brings, remember to pray and consider those around the world who are living a very different reality. It’s through partnership, prayer, and the spirit of giving that we can begin to see change in the most unlikely of places. 

Until the whole world knows Him, 

Dr. Paul Becker

President and Founder