Dynamic Update - Papua New Guinea
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Disciples of All Nations


Every country by 2020!

One piece of the great goal for the DCPI global team is to have every country across the world opened up for church planting training by the end of 2020. Currently there are 131 countries that have been exposed to DCPI’s church planting training, leaving 75 countries that still need to be opened. This sort of goal requires a lot of strategic planning for DCPI’s World Zone Leaders. 

When challenged with the task to train in 10 unreached countries of the extremely remote and difficult to access South Pacific region, John Bond, DCPI’s World Zone Leader of the region, began to seek the Lord’s direction with fervent prayer and petition.  

God answered John’s prayer with a strong conviction to approach Master Trainer, Inia. Inia had an active role in church planting training in Papua New Guinea. Through this connection the Holy Spirit has blown the doors wide open to bring DCPI’s training to the remaining 10 countries, as Inia has relationships with church leaders in 6 of the 10 remote countries!

Together, this team has developed a plan where, within the next year, leaders from all 10 islands will be gathered in one locale to be trained and sent back home equipped to reproduce the training and plant new churches.

This is one of the many examples of God making the way to reach every country with DCPI training by 2020! 

Until the whole world knows Him, 

Dr. Paul Becker

President and Founder