Dynamic Update - Ireland
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Running to the Front Line!


When you are 14 years old in the throws of heroin and alcohol addiction with no hope for yourself, pouring into the lives of others is the furthest thing from your mind. But what a difference a life transformed by Jesus can make!

This is the story of Noel and Sharon, a couple that came to Christ and were called to be church planters in their home country of Ireland. Their experience began at Liberty, a church they planted in the inner city of Dublin. Here they saw drug dealers and criminals saved and became a haven for mothers losing children to the evil in their communities.

As Liberty grew, this couple was drawn to plant more churches bringing transformation to the broken places within their city. Further seeking the Lord, they sensed Him asking, “Do you want to take a city?”  They knew this kind of movement would require something more. It was then that God led them to DCPI’s church planting training.

Through the training, this couple along with a team of leaders became empowered to plant more churches where people are now running to the front lines of freedom! God has equipped them with the training and resources needed to make real Kingdom impact for their city and beyond!

The vision continues to expand as this team that started in Dublin plants churches in other countries like Lesotho. Due to their commitment to plant churches, new believers are experiencing freedom in this country 9,000 miles away as they meet under a tree in the village of Masuru!

Until the whole world knows Him,

Dr. Paul Becker

President and Founder