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Plums for Peace


Have you ever stopped to consider what a godless world would truly look like? 

The threat of that reality is real in China where as of last year the Bible can no longer be accessed online and news continues to circulate of house church shutdowns across the nation. In spite of this, now, more than ever, people in China are hungry for Jesus. 

It is DCPI’s mission to answer this call with training like Church Planting Discipleship. This track is used in highly persecuted places to keep hope alive through the planting of underground churches.  Recently, this training has been taken to the next level, bringing it out onto the streets in a practical lab application where house churches are being birthed during the training!

Two attendees sent out during their lab met a plum seller in the marketplace. They were received with hospitality as this woman treated them to some of her sweet fruit. Little did this woman selling plums know that the food they had for her was of eternal value! As the conversation progressed, the “plum” woman shared her life of hurt and abuse. It was then that the trainees asked to pray over her and told her the good news of Jesus. The plum lady not only dedicated her life to Christ, but immediately following prayer, she asked them to come to her home to share with her entire family. This family now hosts a house church, birthed out of this hands-on exercise.  

Only a month after the training, reports have come in showing 8 house churches have been started in minority groups by these leaders! 

Until the whole world knows Him,

Dr. Paul Becker

President and Founder